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    2005 Four Winds Majestic 23P 4x4 Expedition Motorhome near San Diego 65k

    Spot on my preference, exactly what we've been looking for for years. Why is it so hard to find a 4x4 RV with a full height passthrough. Bonus points for a tilt up bunk bed to give headroom. That we need to sit/sleep 4 makes it near mission impossible outside of those occasional Host RVs...
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    2006 EarthRoamer XV-LT

    Radio silence... wonder if my cheque to the Nigerian Princess has cleared yet so she can sign this ER over to me
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    SOLD: EarthRoamer XV-LT # SOLD

    What is sleeping capacity? The convertable dinette looks tight, I'm guessing only sleeps 1 down below?
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    2006 EarthRoamer XV-LT

    Interested. Wonder how much it would be to upgrade the suspension and go to super singles like other Earthroamers? Does this sleep 4 comfortably?
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    Dometic Fridge Sale at Backcountry

    Backcountry is relentless with algorithm based pricing.... CF 35 is $500 and CF 50 already up to $630. Not much of a deal anymore.
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Mowerman, or anyone else that's used 1/2" Aluminium C-Channel for a slide out shelf, how does it hold up? Is it strong enough to put a bunch of items on the shelf and not worry about it bending/breaking?
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    LR3 OEM Rack and Thule T bolts

    Awesome, thanks for the confirmation. Thule also has an M8 version: 853-5715
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    LR3 OEM Rack and Thule T bolts

    Anyone know if these Thule T-nuts / T-bolts work in the Factory LR Cross Bar slots? I.e. the slots you cut the rubber away from on the Cross Bars? Or, anyone know what does fit in there?
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    Where is everyone getting their cans

    Back from the dead: Anyone in Canada know if Home Depot still has the MFC's in store? Couldn't find them online.