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    What happened to Serria Ex? - Howling Moon??

    I have been trying to get a cover for my tent for about 6 months...does anyone know what happened??? or who to contact to get one?
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    2005 DC Toyota Tundra - THE COUCH - Prelander - SF BAY AREA

    2005 Toyota Tundra 190k miles - Automatic $15,000 Stealth Custom Series 17x8.5 - One off Color with Falken 285/75/17s 4x4 BTF long travel/working 4wd, Spindles have TC gussets 2.5x8in King Coil-overs with 2.0x2.0 King Bumps Mcneil Fiberglass / Color-matched Rear spring under axle with Deaver...
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    I need your help/vehicle.. (SF bay area Only)

    I am in the works to start production on a few Stanley Steps. Im located in Santa Cruz County. I need a few vehicles to start taking measurements from: Fj cruiser Excursion 4/5 gen. 4-runners. and possibly xterras. In return i will give you a step at my cost...
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    Adventure 990 gas tanks?

    Looking for some help.. i have a cracked gas tank on my 990 and im looking for a good place for used tanks or a place to repair it. Its the a 2009 and its white. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    RTIC 65 Tan Cooler - WTT for 45

    Hey i am looking to trade my RTIC 65 cooler for a 45, it is about 1 year old. It has been used, but isnt trashed. Just looking to down trade to a 45. Recently got a ARB fridge and dontneed this much cooler. I am located in Santa Cruz, Ca. Feel free to DM me. Ill post a pic up later today...
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    2005 Tundra Icon 2.5 CDC Piggy back Shocks.

    Hey fellow Expo members. I am selling my Icon 2.5 shocks off the back my tundra. These have been offroaded on only once. I went with kings every where else due to my new front LT, so i am sqwitching over to Kings in the Rear. These are amazing shocks, with built in bumps, as well as CDC...
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    2005 Tundra Front Custom Bumper.

    I am goin to LT and glass fenders, and cant use this bumper i made anymore. It will come with all the parts to install on your truck. The downside to this bumper is the front fascia, has to be customized. I will sell/give mine with it since its already cut and has holes. You can either paint it...
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    2005 Tundra Icon Coil overs - Total Choas Uppers.

    Not sure what the going rate is for these bad boys, but i will start with 600 for the coil-overs shipped, and 350 for the uppers shipped. The coil overs, have a fresh build on them, maybe 2-3k miles with zero off road miles on them. New Coil's with the same miles. Valving is setup for a...
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    SOLD - Ford Excursion RTT roof rack - Custom Made - SF Bay Area Ca.

    Hey guys, I sold my excursion so i no longer need these...I needed a quick solution to getting my roof top tent on my excursion about a year or so ago.. They are very simply made, i machined a peice that slides inside the rail. they are not perfect persay cause i was in a hurry...but they work...
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    1981 Toyota Trekker - Fully Built

    Welp, I am officially, putting up for sale my beloved Trekker. It is an original 1981 Toyota Trekker that is fully custom built from the ground up I have a build thread on Marlin Crawler as well as here on EXPO, if you would like to see more detailed history of the vehicle...
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    Saga of Stanley Fab - Builds of sorts!

    Well, i have been lurking for awhile, and decided to make a build thread of sorts. I have been in to building trucks since i was a little kid. My first truck was a 1981 Toyota Trekker, that needed a new motor. IF you know what a trekker is you know they are cool! :) From there it went to a 1984...
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    2000 f-150 Long travel Prerunner F/S - F/T

    I picked this truck up over 5 years ago bone stock. This truck has gone through an extensive build. It started stock, and has turned into a rip roaring machine built for reliable fun! It has all been fabricated in house, by my self and a partner. the list is very extensive for parts, but the...
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    Quigley 4x4 Van question.

    i am looking into getting a Quigley van. But i would like to know the honest value of what this is worth. here is a link to the van. Ford Van Quigley 2002 V10 4x4 138k , Robby Gordon wheels , 35" toyo tires 95% tread , 2 Batteries , air...