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    SA & Panamericana: doable with a travel trailer? Pros & Cons vs a Motorhome?

    Hello Everyone, We are considering touring South America (specially Chile and Argentina) and later doing the Panamericana all the way to Alaska on a travel trailer. Main reason is that we are able to get a Nissan D22 Diesel double-cab 4x4[1] plus a Palomini 177BH[2] for less than half the price...
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    Mojave Preserve Overland Adventure Part 2: Government Holes to Foshay Pass

    Howdy everyone, PSA: I've been waiting for the OP to post Part 3 here in ExPo somewhere... and only today realized that he posted it (and Part 4!) in his new site:
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    FOR SALE: Dodge Ram 2500 HD HEMI 5.7 & Palomino Backpack Truck Camper 2017

    Howdy ThePinProject, Thanks for the heads-up, your truck+camper looks great... unfortunately as we plan to live in our future RV fulltime, it's just too small for us. Good luck in selling it, tho... I'm sure it will make its future buyer very happy! Cheers, -- Du & Nica.