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    KTM 1190 / 1290 adventure dimensions

    Hi, hoping someone can help. Building an expedition truck which is covered under the mercedes / unimog section but looking to buy and take a KTM 1190 or 1290 adventure. However struggling to find external dimensions to make the sure the box is going to be big enough. Can find it for GS and...
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    1124 AF Double Cab

    Hi, been around for a while on the forum, got a Merc 1124 AF that's been slow progress and on hold as a project for a while as other projects got in the way. We ended up sticking a roof tent on top and camping out of it but now kick starting it again. Its due to go in in the next few days to get...
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    Merc 1124 AF Michelin XZY 385/65/s22.5 versus 425/65/22.5

    Hi, Looking at putting Michelin XZY-3 385/65/22.5 on 11.75 R22.5 Rims as the sensible choice on my Merc 1124 AF 4x4. Seen others who have fitted these on MB 1124 4x4s However also read below link about XZY Wide base so 425/65/22.5 on 13 R22.5 Rims...
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    Truck seats

    Hi, Interested in any views on truck seats. Have a Merc 1124 AF 4x4 (have posted it before under Toby2 couldn't reset password so now Toby3). Need to replace the seats as in the second row, they are benches with frames to allow firefighters to have gas tanks, now much fun to sit on. In the...