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    Sell My 02 WRX For an Xterra? Why Are Xterras Cheaper Than Frontiers?

    Hey gang. Its been a minute but my life is kind of collapsing in on itself here so Ive been busy. Im preparing to make some big life changes here. My Father has been not well after pancreatitis left Him with a colostomy bag in a bad spot and He is very dependant on my Mom for everything...
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    Solid Gas Generators 7000 Watts and Higher Besides Honda?

    Hey everyone. So I need 240v service at my house to run an air compressor, welder etc and I just got a quote of around $1200 to have that woro done to some existing electrical in my greenhouse that I converted to a garage...kinda. Well I also lose power at my house all the time so Im thinking it...
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    Help Needed:Baofeng UV-5R Not Picking Up Repeater After Chirp Programmig

    Hey gang. So Ive had no issues before with hitting my local repeater on my Baofeng UV-5r. I just got a new laptop because my old one is messed up and I cant connect anything usb to it. So I downloaded Chirp, the driver for y USB cable and uploaded the program list from my HT. I edited it to pick...
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    Any AKAs here Wanna Lend Some Advice on a Better Knee/Prosthesis?

    Hey gang. So Im a left AKA and Im still using my Ossure Total Knee 2000 hydraulic knee with a velcro lanyard suspension and basically the cheapest everything else you can get. It sucks. The sleeve is worn out now so my leg slides off constantly, I have to adjust it eery time I stand up, its...
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    Which Model Kenwood or Yaesu Mobile 2m/70cm To Buy On a Budget?

    Hey gang. So Im fairly confident that Ill pass my technicians exam in a few days and as a treat for passing Id like to get a mobile rig for my car. Right now I only have a boiler plate Baofeng UV-5R(several of them actually). Im looking for the following criteria: -No more than $270 so I can...
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    Taking My HAM Technician Exam Soon

    Hey everyone! So a couple years back a friend turned me onto HAM radio. Ive been studying for my exam for a while and theres a test coming up in October and Im going to try to make it. Im very excited! I often monitor my local repeater and Im very excited to offer my help and input to my local...