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    1996 Toyota Hiace 4x4 Turbo Diesel Pop-Top

    Craigslist link Located in Squamish BC Canada. Currently 126300KM.- but driving pretty regularily. PM for more info - can also talk about storage till its USA Legal. I Also have a similar Non-Turbo 1995 4x4 Hiace as well that I'll post up here soon.
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    access to social media

    Not sure this is the correct place, but Can anyone offer any tips of tricks to access social media and blocked web feeds while in China?
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    1995 Mitsubishi Canter/Fuso 4x4 RV - 66,000km 15k ( Canada Legal, not USA)

    Again, just a find - not mine. Another Japanese Gem, legal for import here, easy camper to roll (slowly) South with a bit of work.. Ref No: 19619ABN2 Year: Nov, 1995 Make: MITSUBISHI Name: CANTER CAMPING 4WD Engine Size: 2,800cc Gear: 5MT Fuel: Diesel...
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    1991 -HZJ81V - 5spd 39,000km - $13k ( Canada legal, elsewhere.. Not USA)

    ( For the Canadians on here, or elsewhere but no USA...legally.) No association / not affiliated ect.. Just a find while searching the fun Japanese Market: 1991-5spd, 39,000km was filled with broadcast equipt - but has been stripped ( I saw it over a year ago filled up with loads of...
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    Fuso 4x4 - 2003 75000Miles

    No affiliation CL find.. Happy Holidays everyone!
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    2005 Toyota Tacoma quad cab.. Diesel! in Canada..

    Not mine.. But have spoken to the guy, and seen a video of the truck.--> Needs a speedo cable, and an ebrake cable - but seems to be running fine! I'd guess just a "TAD" underpowered.. but who knows, with turbo kit upgrade this could be a fun project...
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    CL find - 1990 Mercedes 300GD Gwagen

    Its here in Squamish where I live... owner used to hang in here quite alot.. I wish it could be mine. $28000
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    1992 Toyota HIACE Diesel 4x4 Van with Reimo pop-top

    Any Canadians want a project?
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    Benz Sprinter 312 D 4x4 Van

    no Affiliation, Only for the Euro's or Canadians on here.. But, cool...
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    1994 Renualt RB 110 4x4 crew cab

    Interesting find...
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    U1300L Unimog Expo rig - UK

    no affiliation, but could be a great way to start a trip for someone... And its a 1986 so legal for US import!
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    Canadians.. Toyota HIace 4x4 POP-TOP Camper Van

    check it here:
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    1979 Unimog 416 camper

    Not sure if this has been posted on here lately. Unimog exchange find, not mine, ect.. $25.000
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    Canadian Find : 2001 Chev 4x4 1 Ton Cargo Van

    not mine, just a cl find:
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    1986 VW syncro

    not mine.. blah blah. looks like a good start!
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    Isuzu Elf 150 4x4 Camper/RV

    OK, I know its no Fuso.. but I have been hunting for a platform/or camper to replace what I started and could not finish with my JDM Canter/fuso a few years ago. I've found another Japan Market Isuzu 4x4 rv.. based on the 1.5T elf platform. 3.1L NA engine, locking hubs, bathroom with porta...
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    Fuso FG s on Craigslist

    Not mine, no affiliation, ect: found today 2001 w/plow low Milage - 2000 dump anyone around denver area wanna check this one out for me?
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    2002 E350 4x4 van

    Not mine, but wish it was! buy it now price US $39,500.00 off ad: For the 4x4 conversion details go to: SuperVan...
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    Mitsubishi ROSA bus as a Camper conversion?

    Hi all.. just wondering if anyone has seen a conversion of one of the Mitsubishi Bus "ROSA" 4x4 models? I have seen a few of these busses in Japan, and they seem like a perfect fit for a conversion. 4D33 engine - non turbo same as the old FG Canters,FD-501B chass,,. Anyone ever see a...
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    2005 FG Fuso with custom camper -

    Canadian CL find. No affiliation.