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    ARB Awning - Re-waterproofing?

    I posted this also on IH8MUD so please don't yell at me! After many years of loving my ARB awning, the last trip in a rain storm showed me that it's no longer waterproof. Water slowly dripped through it in many places including the seams. Any products out there that I can apply onto the...
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    Curious what camp tables you use, other than tailgates! I can't remember the brand of the one I use but it rolls up and has four legs and two cross pieces that roll up with it. You screw the legs in. Great top but the legs are a little wobbly.
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    changing struts on JB RTT?

    I kind of in passing mentioned this to Rin about is it possible to swap out the old struts off an original JB RTT to newer ones in an effort to make them easier to close. He said he didn't think so. But, it has me thinking that is sure has to be possible. I might give it a try. Figured if...
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    awnings for winds?

    Wanted to have a discussion on awnings and windy environments. for the record, i've had an ARB 2500 awning on my 80 series land cruiser for a few years now. I've really enjoyed it and ended up getting the room for it. It's a great product in general, both are actually. In the woods with...
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    JB RTT Bug Screen issue

    I've been extremely pleased with my James Baroud tent. I've slept in it a lot and have always stayed dry and comfortable. Last weekend i experienced my first failure of my tent and it is directly related to the bug screens. I was camped out on the outer banks of NC over the labor day weekend...
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    Hard Shell RTT care

    What are you guys using to take care of your fiberglass shells on your RTT? I am having serious mold and dirt build up on mine and am wondering if i should wax it, use a bleach cleaner, or what is the best products for these things. Look forward to hearing back from everyone on how to properly...
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    few questions on foxwing awning

    I'm getting more and more serious about purchasing an awning for my 80 series cruiser. Right now i have a RTT and usually carry an ezi-up shelter. This works fine, but it takes a large amount of space up in the truck, and, it takes a little effort to set it up and take it down. The regular...
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    question about wiring up solar controller

    Simple question... I'm wiring up my solar system now. Have the plugs and wires leading from the solar panel to the +/- on the charge controller. Now, i'm trying to connect the +/- on the solar controller that leads to the battery. So my question is: I have a blue sea fuse block mounted on...
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    FS: Sold Tent

    I've been pondering this all summer and i have decided to let it go. I'm selling my used roof top tent i purchased about 2 years ago from expedition portal's classified section. I have used it about 6 times with several of them being extended (3-5 day) trips. It's made by a company called...
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    Cruiser bush wacking

    Not mine but thought it was pretty intense. :snorkel::Wow1: