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  1. Bris31

    Australian FG84 workshop manual

    Check this link for Fg2010 owners manual. There are few more for different Canter models.
  2. Bris31

    FGs for sale

    Few Mitsubishi 4WD fire trucks on auction on pickles (NSW) - closing in 2 days
  3. Bris31

    Simpson Desert.

    Yes, when it comes to coverage, Thuraya coverage world wide is comparatively less than other players. But their sound quality is very good in Australia and also the overall cost is cheaper than other providers. Sorry bit out of topic, in many countries with oppressive regimes Sat phones are...
  4. Bris31

    Simpson Desert.

    I have Thuraya. Reception was excellent in Simpson - no different than normal mobile phone in the city. Price of handset was about $700 with $15/month with 10-15 free SMS and abt $2/min call and $25 one time connection fee in the beginning. It has 04xxxxxxxx mobile number, good thing is if...
  5. Bris31

    FG's in Action

    Bania National Park (west of Gin Gin, Queensland, Australia)
  6. Bris31

    Simpson Desert.

    We in 3 canters (+2 Prados) did the same in year 2017. Birdsville, QAA line, Poepple corner, French Line, K1 Line, Approdina Knoll , WAA line, Lone gum tree, Purni Bore, Dalhousie springs & Mt Dare. About 8 days but now wish we had spent more time. My FG649 2003 was just about 4500kg and burned...
  7. Bris31

    New Build - FG637 Dual Cab + Slide on

    Just curious about the weight of the subframe and also with the spare wheel location effecting truck's departure angle.
  8. Bris31

    How to adjust cab tilt torsion bar spring? Isuzu NPS
  9. Bris31

    Shocks and corrugations - Remote reservoirs?

    Ours is 2003 FG2003 at 4.5T Due to tight budget and light weight, we greatly improved the corrugated offroad ride with BFG 315/75 R16 super singles and new set of extended leaf spring/shockers from Carrolls (Brisbane).
  10. Bris31

    Putting in a new stereo

    We have a simple setup, on dash board attached a portable Sony BT stereo speaker (extra bass model) and run music from old mobile phone. It drowns the Canter snoring.
  11. Bris31

    FG's in Action

    Not FG but similar.
  12. Bris31

    4WD Truck So Bogged!

    In another incident at Fraser, last year a tourist bus was bogged down while attempting to rescue a beached plane. Luckily both had happy ending. Bus did spend the night in high tide though.
  13. Bris31

    4WD Truck So Bogged!

    I remember this rock formation extended out in the ocean from our recent visit to Fraser. Location can be Poyungan Rocks or Yidney Rocks on eastern beach. Both these places have inland bypass tracks. At low tide there is temptation to go around it but there can be sort of quicksand sections...
  14. Bris31

    Anyone repack their own wheel bearings?

    I haven't done but perhaps this thread may help:
  15. Bris31

    FG's in Action

    Few photos/vid from our visit to Fraser Island (world's largest sand island off Queensland coast) May 2019 - our 3rd visit, first time with Canter.
  16. Bris31

    NPS travel truck build

    'Linoltec' - would be my preference. Have used on couple of other vehicles for many years with no issue.
  17. Bris31

    NPS travel truck build

    Where are you in Australia? Dotmar Plastic Solution have branch all over Australia ( And for small jobs there is mob "Plastic Cut to Size" in Brisbane & Sydney. Sure there are many others as HDPE is getting very common.
  18. Bris31

    NPS travel truck build

    Nice video and well documented. Are you planning a pivot for subframe?
  19. Bris31

    Wheel balancing in Brisbane - beads?

    Year 2016, after front leaf springs were extended I got wheel balanced at "Straight Wheels Truck Alignment", 3/1 Shoebury St, Rocklea QLD 4106. Still no issue after 30K+kms.
  20. Bris31

    New Build FG637 New-Ish Member

    Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on new truck and good luck with the build. Curious about your different front and rear rims. Are you going to keep stock front rims? What size are the rear Kumhos?