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  1. Bris31

    Cracks on tyre

    One of the tyre has developed hair thin cracks on the side - about 2-4 cm long (photos). From experience, how serious it is? Is it time to change? Tyre is 3+ years old, have done about 35k, BFG LT315/75R16 127R. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bris31

    Expression of Interest - WA Trip May 2018.

    We (2x Mitsubishi Canters 639/649) are seeking company of another similar vehicle for a trip across WA. The trip starts from Alice Springs on May 29th 2018 for 2+ months taking us through W. MacDonnell ranges, Kings Canyon, Ayer's Rock, Gunbarrel hwy, Karijini NP, Windjana Gorge/Mornington AWC...
  3. Bris31

    Simpson crossing - 2016

    Anyone with Canter interested in Simpson crossing? We are group of about 4 Prados & Patrols + 1 Canter (FG649 SWB) planning for Simpson desert crossing from Mt Dare to Birdsville starting Fri 24th June. Send me PM for more info. Also appreciate if you can part your knowledge if you have done...
  4. Bris31

    Canter FG649 SWB Camper Truck Build

    My first post since joining in 2012 :ylsmoke: Camper Truck dream came out of having a Hilux & a Campervan for years but not able to go far enough or with enough comfortable living for longer period. So after lurking here for months, researching and PMing experienced people on forum, bought...