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  1. B-Line Performance

    7" Round LEDs?

    Great thread.
  2. B-Line Performance

    1998 Gen 2.5 Montero w/Winter Package - Preparing for Adventure

    Good checkoff list. Might as well check on your brake pads and brake lines. (y)
  3. B-Line Performance

    Gen 2.5 3.8 Swap

    Can you use the rom from a 3000GT, diamanté, or Montero?
  4. B-Line Performance

    Its been a while

    Welcome back to the Mitsubishi team. As noted, not as much support as Toyota, but very capable rigs.
  5. B-Line Performance

    Pitchblack Rally Recce Raider Build

    Trailer looks exceptional. Did you toss the bed on a trailer frame? ALso what bed cover did you use?
  6. B-Line Performance

    Reached 300,000 miles...

    Great accomplishment, especially for a truck taken off road.
  7. B-Line Performance

    99' 3.0l V24 SWB Pajero

    One day those will get imported to the US.
  8. B-Line Performance

    My '89 Dodge Raider aka Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero

    Very nice. Those are very rare options in general but to have in an 89 SWB makes it that much sweeter. Congratulations on your unicorn. Treat her well.
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    My '89 Dodge Raider aka Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero

    Nice V6 SWB! Even have electric windows. Does it have cruise and Limited Slip Differential?
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    New Product for 2001-2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sports

    Some of you have been reaching out to us to find a Braided Stainless Steel Brake Line solution for 2001-2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sport's. Good news is its finally here. Depending on if your truck comes with Drum or Disc brakes out back, its either a 5-7 line upgrade. They are also on Sale too...
  11. B-Line Performance

    Gen3 Montero aftermarket suspension sheet

    Yea, we would offer them just a hair longer and then options for further extensions if needed. We recommend Braided Stainless Lines as well! Much better improvement over stock rubber and especially if you are running a taller tire on the stock small brakes. Gain performance back and resistance...
  12. B-Line Performance

    Gen3 Montero aftermarket suspension sheet

    Noticed that brake lines were not included in the lift suggestions. Added lift not affect overall travel and length of the lines? We will be tackling Braided Stainless Lines for 3rd gen owners this Spring.
  13. B-Line Performance

    Fuel Tank interchangeability in Gen 1 SWB Montero/Raider

    Suspension is also different back there. Coils vs Leafs for clearance.
  14. B-Line Performance

    97 Montero LS Build

    Fine looking rig. Nice pictures as well. Keep up the maintenance and you will continue to love her.
  15. B-Line Performance

    Mighty Max 4WD on copart

    About every option available is on that truck, including the Sport Tach, Buckets with Center Console, Premium Door and Cabin Cards, and the rarest of all...glove compartment lock. That's a good truck
  16. B-Line Performance

    Toasty's '98 Montero Build

    Funny you mention that. We were looking into the feasibly of red or blue lines for "specialty orders". Would look similar to our Avatar.
  17. B-Line Performance

    Toasty's '98 Montero Build

    Impressive build to say the least.
  18. B-Line Performance

    FYI - Stolen Delica from Bend, OR / '92 L300 Diesel Chamonix w/CO Plates

    Yikes. Easy rig to spot on the road. Hopefully you get it back soon.
  19. B-Line Performance

    New Dobinson Gen 3 Montero/Pajero Lift Kit Option

    How much lift are these kits? Would extended brake lines be needed?