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  1. Mark Harley

    American dreams trailers Vintage reproductions
  2. Mark Harley

    The one that got away.

    This Bantam was posted on Pittsburgh Craigslist for $100.00 on May 29th. I emailed and was second on the list, Of course the first guy bought it. The seller did email me back to say the $100.00 trailer was sold and to tell me he also has a full floor for a 416 for $100.00 and a restored M416...
  3. Mark Harley

    The Domino Effect............................

    This past fall I purchased a 14 foot PWC trailer off Craigslist near Pittsburgh. The trailer is a Hercules brand and is a simple little trailer. My father and I share a 19 foot Grumman white water keel aluminum canoe we call "The Battle ship" we both are getting older and dad does not have the...
  4. Mark Harley

    Towing tandem in the Parade

    This past weekend our town of Oakmont, Pennsylvania had their 17th annual Light Up Night Parade. The Harley family entered a float and we used both of our rebuilt Army trailers for the event. The M101A2 stacked high with toys to deliver to Santa, has a rear 2" receiver and a trailer plug on the...
  5. Mark Harley

    Lots of M416 trailers in the Netherlands

    I found these pictures when I did a M416A1 search on the web Listed on the G838 website and dated Feb 28 2012 Stacked in a warehouse in the Netherlands. Could make alot of people happy with those.
  6. Mark Harley

    A brand new 416 trailer kit from MD enterprises

    Found this on a military site, Made in the Phillipines. New 416 trailer kits and Jeep tubs. Dealers:
  7. Mark Harley

    A recommended place to get tubing caps

    Many parts of our trailer builds require tubing that is round, rectangular or square in shape. I needed to finish off the ends of the 1" x 2" tubing I used for my RTT rack on my M101A2 build. so I headed to my favorite store Ebay and typed the search in. I found a seller that carries many...
  8. Mark Harley

    Bottle openers for your expo trailers

    one of the most useful items I mounted on my trailer is a bottle opener. Bolted to the tub and easily accessible to all who inquire a need to open a frosty soda "POP" in Pittsburgh or a cold brew. I bought a stainless steel version from Dean Manolis at off his ebay store at...
  9. Mark Harley

    A sister for my M101A2

    I gotta stay off ebay, I was watching a M116A2 Generator hauler with a BEST OFFER option and it got the best of me. Well my best offer was accepted and I have a trip to Virginia to pick it up. It will be a nice addition to my RED hauler.
  10. Mark Harley

    Jeep fest 2012 Butler Pennsylvania. "Home of the Bantam Jeep"
  11. Mark Harley

    Found some cool new clamps for securing items.

    I found a great website "Sutton Outfitters" that sells these cool rubber clamps QUICK FIST used to secure a multitude of items. I bought a couple to mount a short shovel on my trailer, When they arrived I was more than impressed with the design, quality and uses. They mounted with a single bolt...
  12. Mark Harley

    Water tank capacity on your trailer.

    I bought a propane water heater a 12 volt pump and now all I need is the water storage tank. I see lots of tanks available and I have plenty of space for one. But what size. I have a family of four and The girls like to be clean. cooking, washing and drinking water will be in the same tank. I...
  13. Mark Harley

    Family Friendly RTT "What is the largest one?"

    Hi all! I bought a military trailer "M101A2" that I am converting to a Family friendly camping trailer. When finished it will have the necessities to take my family of four out of the house to explore the country. My blog...
  14. Mark Harley

    New shoes for my Sierra

    With winter comming fast I was on the hunt for some snow tires for my 2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD. I like the looks of a tall thin tire and in the summer I run 235-85-16 Hankooks. I found a set of 4 steel wheels on the Pittsburgh Craigslist for free and scooped them up. They were off of a chevy 3500...
  15. Mark Harley

    Receiver racks and tables

    I am going to mount 1 1/4" receiver tubes on the tub of my 101A2 to use as a mounting location for tables, umbrella,cook stove and possibly awning mounts. Looking for other ideas that forum members fabricated to slide into their receivers. Show me some pictures. Here are two I found so far.
  16. Mark Harley

    Just purchased a Military trailer to build a family hauler

    This is my first posting and I love this Trailer build forum. I purchased a M101A2 3/4 ton trailer with tub and side rails off ebay. I drove to Ohio to get it with my Father on Fathers day. It was a nine hour road trip down and back including breakfast We had a blast. I have always wanted a...