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  1. windtraveler

    WTB: 3/4 or 1 ton Regular cab.

    Thanks all. Just pulled the trigger on an immaculately maintained 2002 f350 XLT DRW 4x4 regular cab. Super stoked to have found such a nice rig.
  2. windtraveler

    WTB: 3/4 or 1 ton Regular cab.

    Ironman, appreciate the offer but I’m gonna stick to my guns regarding a stock vehicle.
  3. windtraveler

    WTB: 3/4 or 1 ton Regular cab.

    Strega, are you the original owner? If so I talked to you a couple of years ago when you 1st listed it. I had a small Bundutec but sold it after I sold my truck. Great campers. I have a soft spot for them for sure. I did talk to the dealer that has it now and I would love to have the truck but...
  4. windtraveler

    WTB: 3/4 or 1 ton Regular cab.

    Looking to purchase a stock 3/4 or 1 ton regular cab 4x4 pickup or flatbed. Willing to travel. Nine794929729 mike
  5. windtraveler

    New Motor For Land Cruiser 100 Series

    Gray market diesel swap🤔?? Not the cheapest but big points for “cool” factor. 🤣
  6. windtraveler

    What makes Toyotas so reliable?

    I have a 99 LC bone stock, 130k miles. Have been considering getting a newer vehicle so went and drove a couple of Jeeps today, grand Cherokee & wrangler. Our land cruiser felt tighter and more solid than either of the 2. Way too many “computers” for us. One of the other notable differences was...
  7. windtraveler

    67 bronco

    Not mine
  8. windtraveler

    WTB - Winnebago Revel

    There is a dealer in Spokane,WA that usually has 3-4 in inventory at any given time.
  9. windtraveler

    Source for DIY pop top kit

    Colorado Camper Van will sell and ship you theirs.
  10. windtraveler

    Pop Top in a van

    Cummins - based on what I can gather off of the internet I would have to agree. CCV seems to best for my needs (wants). The only downside for me is logistics but I think it will be worth it. Not thrilled about the 11" additional exterior height when closed but the benefits outweigh that...
  11. windtraveler

    Pop Top in a van

    Thinking about installing a pop top in a new Sprinter low roof van. I’m looking for any and all feedback, opinions, experiences, etc......both positive and negative. thanks in advance.
  12. windtraveler

    Great place to start

    Fire Engine
  13. windtraveler

    WTB Fiamma F35

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  14. windtraveler

    Trade F-150 for Tundra - Overland

    If you are gonna get a Tundra, get a 2004-2006 double cab. The trouble is finding one with low mileage that has been well maintained for sale. People tend to hang on to them.
  15. windtraveler

    WTB a BlackSeries HQ 15 or 17

    Not used but trailer Has a couple in inventory.
  16. windtraveler

    Looking for a Black Series HQ 15 to buy, good condition

    Not used but Has a couple in inventory.
  17. windtraveler

    WTB Fiamma F35

    Looking to purchase a 1.8m Fiamma F35 awning as well as a couple of small LED flood lights. I am located near Portland, OR
  18. windtraveler

    Fiamma F35

    Any recommendations on the best place to purchase a Fiamma F35 awning?
  19. windtraveler

    Opinions Solicited......Another Head Scratching Mid Size Truck Choice Thread

    If you are not looking for a new rig I don’t think you can go wrong with a low mileage first gen Tundra, if you can find one. Relatively low cost, super reliable, minimally bigger than the current Tacomas but significantly more comfortable (and capable) in my opinion.
  20. windtraveler

    Does anyone know of a small box for sale???

    Custom Camper / Project If only it were just a little bigger :ROFLMAO: