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  1. Mxkutch

    Solar, Blue Sea 7.3PSD question

    So I am just getting around to finishing up my electrical setup and I have a question. I have scoured the forums as well as used the search tool but have not received the exact answer I am looking for. So I have 2 100 watt panels that go to an mmpt charge controller and I have a blue sea 7700...
  2. Mxkutch

    Fiberglass Molding and Engineering Hightop Review

    So I would like to start off and say that my goal is not just to bash this buisness. I am just going to give you the link to Bob Wells experiance and tell you about my personal experiance. It might have only happened to us and noone else, but I still feel the need to share it. His video can be...
  3. Mxkutch

    Couch Bed ideas

    So I am starting my interior build and I would love to see what others are running. I have an E350 Hightop EB, and I am really going towards a couch runs lenthwise down the side, that converts to a bed. I just like the idea of more free space when the bed is not down. I have lurked here a...
  4. Mxkutch

    Van Wheelchair lift for sale 400 OBO

    I guess I can't post links and I don't know how to post pictures but it is still in the van so if you want videos or to see it working, just ask. You can message me and I will text or email. Wheelchair lift that came out of a Ford E350 but it appears like it can fit in any full sized van. Can...