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    2 Scepter military fuel cans and 1 gas spout 3/4" in San Jose CA .

    Hi, Sold my truck and no longer have use for these. One fuel can is brand new the other one only used once. Both have been store in the shed not on the truck. The gas spout has only been used once as well. I'm asking $65 for each fuel can and $30 for the gas spout. I'm in San Jose, CA. Thanks Alex
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    Sold. Dometic CFX-28 fridge with insulated cover. $500 (OBRO)

    Sold the truck and no longer need the fridge. It's in like new condition have not used on any trips. Come with insulation cover and wireless temperature display unit. Asking $500, SF Bay Area pick up only. Thanks Alex...
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    Sold. 2006 ATC Bobcat for sale. $6500

    Family has grown camper has not been used in the past couple years. So I think it's time to let others to enjoy it. It came with all options ATC offered with a Tripp-Lite 1250W inverter/charger custom installed when the camper is built. We have spent less than 30 nights in the camper. PM me for...
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    Did anyone make a ladder for their FWC/ATC camper?

    Hi All, I tried to get to the top of the camper with the steps but they don't work too well. Did anyone make a ladder for their camper or has any idea? I think I can bolt the ladder to the top edge, not the roof edge, and the bottom of the camper. The ladder will also be use to hang bridging...
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    Carbon Fiber hood? (For weight not bling)

    The Carbon Fiber hood weights 25lbs for my Tacoma. The stock hood is heavy but I have no idea the exact weight. If I ever get one I'll paint it white so no one know it's CF. Any drawback with a CF hood??
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    Freon R12 R-12 Refrigerant

    Anyone interesting in buying? I've 5*12oz can. $15 each? These usually run $20-25 each on eBay. Note: Buyer should be aware of EPA Section 609 rules ( Basically you need to get a licensed tech to use it. :elkgrin:
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    Audiovox CCS100 Universal Vacuum Cruise Control

    Hi All, It's in the box and never even been taken out of the box. I got this for the VW Vanagon but sold the van before I've time to install it. I'm look for $55 + shipping form 94086, CA. Below is the info on audiovox's site. Thanks for looking Alex...
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    X-Runner's X-brace on 4x4 Tacoma?

    Hi All, Toying with the idea adding X-brace to the truck to make the frame a little stronger. The parts in blue are the ones that are added to X-runner to make the frame stiffer. The brace bolt on to the bottom of the leaf spring mount and the end of the frame rail. Does anyone know...
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    Is there a reason NOT to get the Garmin 60CSx?

    Hi All, I plan to use it on backpacking/hiking trips. Is there any reason I should get the new Colorado 400t instead? I looked at the compare on Garmin's site the only difference I can see is that Colorado has a better screen with higher resolution. Thanks for any tip you can share! Alex
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    A very nice built FWC on Ford super duty.

    Hi All, Here is a FWC I saw in Yellowstone. It's very nicely built and seems to be used to it's potential. It's used the space on the side of the truck bed very nicely with the utility bed. It was park at the side of a wireless carrier building. Probable it's used for work related things...
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    Need help finding a dealer to install TRD SC in NorCal.

    Hi All, I've TRD SC coming for my Taco. Does anyone know a good dealer in NorCal (south bay) area to do the installation? Thx Alex
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    Need help finding specific info on OME Dakar Spring.

    Hi All, Need help finding out how much lift will OME Dakar leaf spring lift my 06 Taco with 900lbs camper in the back. I've email TRDParts4U and have confirm the primary spring rate is 182lbs/in and with overload engaged it's 392lbs/in. The spring rate number is per spring. I've Bilstein...
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    Need Jerry can mounting help.

    The original post is deep in my mod thread post it here hope I can get more suggestion. Need to help from ExPo crew, I'm going to add CO2, Hi-Lift and a Jerry can on the back of the camper. A setup like what Turtle Exp did on their weekender. Hi-Lift will go where the axe is. I'm wondering...
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    Is there any other adjustable shock other than Rancho?

    Hi All, Need help from you guys. The truck is getting heavier, above GVWR, the stock shock does not seem to up to the task. I plan to take the camper off the truck when no on a trip so I need the adjustability to keep the ride comfortable. I've install AirLife and it's working great. The only...
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    Have you weight your vehicle in ready for trip condition?

    Hi All, There have been couple threads on payload. I wonder how many of you have actually weighted you truck in ready-to-go, loaded with all the gear you need, condition? I have not weighted mine in loaded mode but here is what I got. 06 Tacoma double cab longbed: Full tank with 2...
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    Has anyone tried this mud flap?

    05+ Tacomas are known to rip stock flaps off on or off the trail. The stock flaps are made of none flexable plastic and they are LONG. I saw these when I was buying a set of fog light as back up light. Anyone tried them? Are they flexable enough to...
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    06 Tacoma with ATC camper mod.

    Hi All, Have not introduce myself since I join in the forum. So here it goes. We bought a 86 Vanagon Westy in April 06, spend 2 months upgrading/fixing the van. Finally we got the van to the level we are comfortable with and we start taking it out on trips. The van is great, we drove it for...
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    How much can we go above GVWR??

    Hi All, I'm in the process of getting my 06 taco 4wd crew with long bed ready for a fourwheel eagle. Went to a landfill and weight the truck with me, my wife and a full tank of gas. The truck weights in at 4480lbs. The GVWR on the truck is 5450lbs. This mean the "legal" weight I'm left with is...
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    What shocks and load helper spring to get for Taco?

    Pick up a 06 Tacoma 4wd, long bed yesterday. It drives better than I expected.:D The plan is to get a fourwheel eagle camper later. I'll need to get the truck ready to hadle the 900+lbs from the camper. It would be nice to get a set of DO or SAW but the damping on them are no adjustable from...
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    Getting a fourwheel falcon soon!!

    Getting a fourwheel eagle soon!! (change from falcon) Hi All, Found a 04 falcon locally and going to buy it tomorrow if it can be mounted on a 06 Tacoma. :victory: BTW, anyone interesting in a 86 Vanagon.:p Now I need to go find a Tacoma. I'm so excited just want to share the news...