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  1. douglastic

    1995 Land Rover Defender 110

    Beautiful! I hate living in CA.
  2. douglastic

    Question to those running the same vehicle wheels on your trailer..

    Curious . . . What would be a proper "7" or "9" tire rotation pattern, so you get the most out of ALL your matching tires? Huge circle? (so you don't lose track) Figure 8? (spare being the intersection) Double Triple Rearward Cross? (no idea what that looks like haha)
  3. douglastic

    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    40k on my WildPeak A/T3W, 265/60R18 XL (my LR3 weighs ~6300lb) Barely any wear, 5 tire rotation every 5k Love them - Driven on highway, sand, dirt, rocks, gravel, snow, towing - just no mud experience where I live Would definitely buy again
  4. douglastic

    LR3/LR4 Rhino OX hitch weld failures

    What's the plug on the right?
  5. douglastic

    Update: Bought It - WTB: Land Rover LR3

    Disagree. EAS makes the LR3 an LR3! Height adjustment, cross-linked valves, auto load/trailer leveling, amazing comfort on and off-road . . . EAS will be superior to a coil conversion in almost every way. Fixing and maintaining the system properly is really not that complicated (or that...
  6. douglastic

    Spray Paint my Landy!

    DIY vinyl wrap?
  7. douglastic

    Gap IID Tool: First go.

    Yes. I turned TPMS off when I switched to 18"s.
  8. douglastic

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    I'm sure nobody here thinks it isn't awesome. I'm a sucker for a good flatfender! Looks like it might be a CJ2A body on a CJ5 frame? It's just that this thread is about LR ideas that can be used on Jeeps. And there aren't any on that one. Keep em coming! This has been a great read.
  9. douglastic

    LR3 and LR4 Brake Life

    PO put new brakes front/rear at 110k miles, I don't remember brand (I bought at 116k) Likely OEM as it was all dealer serviced. They left horrible dust and were toast at 20k use. I put new pads/sensors on at 130k miles (Akebono Euro all 4 corners) I love them - SO clean and quiet - and...
  10. douglastic

    LR3 underhood compressor

    I decided on a portable Viair. Reasons: 1. not subject to constant underhood heat (can stow in car or garage when not needed) 2. easier for other cars to share (my own, friends, trailers, bikes, etc) 3. no air locker (or other on-board air requirement) On-board sure looks cool tho.
  11. douglastic

    air suspension problems

    Before you clean out or rebuild/replace the valve blocks, I would strongly suggest that you replace your compressor desiccant if you haven't already. There are rebuild kits out there, some even include a metal end cap to eliminate the common crack that develops between the fittings. Mine had the...
  12. douglastic

    LR3 Keys

    Any luck?
  13. douglastic

    New Bronco

    Depends how you spell "pwn". :ROFLMAO: Man, it pains me how much LR mucked this up. And I'm a LR guy as you can see in my sig.
  14. douglastic

    LR3 Keys

    Just so you know, the LR3 key is supposed to be completely waterproof. So if you do find it, it is likely to be fine. Rice or desiccant could still be good precaution though. I will repeat those who say to get an eBay key for $20 and program it yourself with an IIDTool (or similar). I have done...
  15. douglastic

    New Bronco

    Looks like Ford just made a better Defender than Land Rover could. Oooops.
  16. douglastic

    LT265/65R18/E KO2 vs 265/65R18/SL Wildpeaks - sidewall strenght?

    May be old news, but Wildpeak come in XL (kind of a mid-way between SL and E) in your original size: 265/60R18 I have them on my LR3 due to the need for XL minimum rating I also have the same issue wanting 265/65R18 in E for the Wildpeak, but I asked them and they have no plans to make one
  17. douglastic

    Air suspension and Alignmets

    IIDtool can enter "tight tolerance" mode, which is for just that purpose of alignment. But I have also heard that it really isn't necessary, and idling during the alignment with a door open is good enough. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have not yet had my LR3 aligned.
  18. douglastic

    LR3 lowering to access mode overnight

    In this order: 1. Replace desiccant in dryer and Rebuild compressor with service kit 2. Check dryer cap for cracks, replace with metal item (mine had crack between fittings) 3. Wait a week (or more) to allow dust to finish traveling thru lines 4. Remove and disassemble/clean front valve block...
  19. douglastic

    Discovery 3 (LR3) and Discovery 4 (LR4) Registry

    2007 LR3 HSE - Chawton/Alpaca - 150k miles Five 265/60r18 Falken Wildpeaks on Powdercoated 10-spokes Metal trans pan OEM trailer wiring/hitch Rebuilt EAS valve blocks/compressor/metal dryer cap GAP IIDtool . . . and lots of fluid changes/routine maintenance Hopefully soon: for sure ditch the...
  20. douglastic

    2008 Land Rover LR3 on 35"s - Refurbish/Rebuild Thread

    . . . But where can I buy that front bumper? Yes I registered just to ask. :love: