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  1. Spikepretorius

    The other side of South Africa

    How's this for a case of positive actions. The location is a very remote area of the Great Karoo. Basically in the middle of the desert. Pic 1: A map of the location. A remote dirt road. Pic 2: A shelter made of some sort of plant. The place is named Asbosskerm which translates to Ash Bush...
  2. Spikepretorius

    Mind the buck with the chip on his shoulder (cycling in africa)

    Check this out
  3. Spikepretorius

    SAR food rations

    What food do you carry in your backpack? I'm looking for your suggestions for lightweight sustenance for 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours. Also what food rations do you keep in your 4x4 permanently for SAR call outs? Edit: Up till now I've carried packets of nuts n raisins plus some energy...
  4. Spikepretorius

    Heli video clip from Cape Town

    If you're on Facebook you can take a peek at this video clip Two weeks ago we had a tricky search through the night to find a missing tourist on Table Mountain. Conditions were cold, wet and poor...
  5. Spikepretorius

    Interesting climbing video

    The guy got stuck and crapped in his pants. Serious but funny. Watch right to the end Boogy till you Poop
  6. Spikepretorius

    2m antenna for a wide range of frequencies??

    In the Safrican rescue scene I need to be able to use the amateur frequencies ( as well as commercial frequencies ( and occasionally (seldom) even marine ( All of this programmed into one 2m commercial radio.(Icom F110) What are my antenna options to try work over such...
  7. Spikepretorius

    Radio clashing with GPS

    Not sure if this should be in the radio section or the GPS section. I have an Icom F110 and an Oregon 550 gps in my vehicle, amongst other things. When keying my mic the 12v power to the gps switches off. This is intermittent so when I want to do tests I can't replicate it. It's usually when...
  8. Spikepretorius

    Snow chain advice for an ignoramus please

    In my region snow is not something I drive in very often. However the other night we had to do a SAR operation in hectic conditions and I nearly saw my truck, and possibly myself, say goodbye down the side of a mountain. Real scary. So anyhoo can somebody please educate me about snow chains...
  9. Spikepretorius

    What LED headlamp for SAR

    I'm in the market for another head lamp to go on my SAR helmet. All the reviews I see seem dated. Wot's recommended at the moment? I currently use an Energiser 6LED. It's cheap and it works well for me. But I'm keen to broaden my horizons and maybe get something else Petzl is the most widely...
  10. Spikepretorius

    Oregon 550 vs 60csx

    So I was collecting my 60csx at the supplier a couple of days ago when I had a sudden burst of indecision and then handed it back and took an Oregon 550 instead. Comments? Good move or bad move?
  11. Spikepretorius

    Salomon Cosmic 4D GTX vs Salomon Quest 4D GTX ??

    Does anybody have any experience with these two pairs of boots? How waterproof? How rugged? I'm getting boots this week and can't decide what the differences are between the two. They will be used for SAR
  12. Spikepretorius

    Potjiekos recipes

    I thought some of you overlanding chefs might enjoy these recipes in the attached pdf. I received it via email. Potjiekos = Pot food (direct translation) Potjie = standard african three legged pot with a round base. The tradition here is to never stir a pot. Just cook. And it always tastes...
  13. Spikepretorius

    Africa Friendship Safari 09

    I thought this site might interest you guys:
  14. Spikepretorius

    Recovery how-not-to

    (Disclaimer: if this is a re-post then please slap me) Check this recovery kit
  15. Spikepretorius

    Burn wounds in the bush?

    I saw this query on another forum. Have any of you guys got any info on the use of sugar on burns?
  16. Spikepretorius

    A sad one

    Shame. We had a call out last night that wasn't so cool. A couple went up a local mountain to view the sunset. (Lions Head is a popular sunset venue) The guy collapsed with a suspected heart attack. Later the female told me they were there to celebrate their engagement. And she's foreign...
  17. Spikepretorius

    Water bladder maintenance

    I've never used a water bladder but am considering going that route now. Cleanliness has always been the turn-off for me though. How do you keep them clean? Do you just rinse and fill up each time? Is it a consumable that you just chuck away after the umpteenth use? Can a regular camelbak user...
  18. Spikepretorius

    Extra brownie points?

    We had a call-out last night. American climber lost on the mountain. So off we went ahuntin'. So if I'm ever in trouble you Yanks owe me one :rolleyes: he he By the way, while looking for one guy we ended up finding a total of ten, yes ten, climbers. 5 locals, 5 tourists (1m +2fm americans)...
  19. Spikepretorius

    Show me your tactical vest

    I'm looking for a tactical vest that's suitable for holding a radio/gps and other bits and pieces. Must be lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods and for climbing/abseiling. Preferably high visibility/reflective All the stuff I see is bulky and impractical EMS or military stuff.