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  1. zidaro

    07-13 TOYOTA TUNDRA. EXPEDITION ONE Front Plate Bumper. BudBuilt Stainless Skids

    Expedition One RangeMax Front Bumper. fit all years from 07-13. Has the front hoop, fog light cutouts, proximity sensor cutouts, winch mount, extra frame reinforcement bracing upgrade. I made a nice diamond plate cover for the top winch access...
  2. zidaro

    Camburg UCAs - 4th/5th Gen.4runner/FJC Great condition $400

    CAMBURG UCA used ~20k mi. $400 +ship fits 03+ 4runner (UCAs work on all 4/5th gen runners), 07+ FJC used gently, all highway on a mild 1"lift Moog Ball Joints installed, boots not torn or leaking, joints felt tight installed Ball Joint Covers to protect the joint from elements zerk grease...
  3. zidaro

    Toyota IFS Steering Box, Arms, Crossover Steering swap Mount

    IFS Steering Box - $140 no leaks, worked perfect. OEM Toyota IFS Steering Arm - $20/ea have 2 joints tight, boots not torn Flat Steering Arm- $SOLD IFS steering box brace sleeves and hardware- Used to plate and sleeve frame for stronger Crossover steering when converting to...
  4. zidaro

    Toyota 1st Gen. 4runner Inclinometer/Altimeter w grey cover. Exceptional Condition

    INCLINOMETER/ALTIMETER- 84-89 4runner $$SOLD. includes mount hardware/brkt unmolested plug, its tucked into the pod and cut off below both ends of plug- if you don't already have an inclinometer, your 1st gen has the plug ready to go under the dash! perfect condition grey dash cover no...
  5. zidaro

    Toyota 8.4" Nitro 5.29 ratio R&P Gears NIB 95+Taco/T100 rears

    nitro Gear 8.4" Toyota 5.29 ring&pinion gears- NEW IN BOX. Forged/Heat Treated. best u can get. Fit taco/t100 rear 8.4 non e-locker housings Asking $SOLD thx, aaron
  6. zidaro

    FJ Cruiser LightBar A-Pillar Mounts for 50"

  7. zidaro

    El Camaleon Azul. an '08 V8 4x4 T4R built to go.....

    Here we go again! I am completely obsessed with Toyotas. My wife would in no way argue with me when i tell her its a DISEASE! I like to think of it like being a Nympho- not necessarily a horrible disease, but a disease none the less New to me 4th gen. Its an 08 V8 Limited 4x4 has high...
  8. zidaro

    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    Winter 2017. Progression!!! In current form 2015. Damn near perfect! and how we travel often (04/17) Purchased Spring 2010 Standard overnighter in Mammoth- 1' to 3' Been driving Toyota 4x4's since I was in High School and love them. First a box stock Standardcab '86...
  9. zidaro

    Solar panel to controller wire gauge

    OK, this seems like a huge rookie question, but i need to feel better so help me out please. Im installing solar on my Popup Northstar TC650 Slide-in. Link to post on my Thread: AMsolar 100W panel with factory 10/2g 8"...
  10. zidaro

    Tundra 10.5 arb

    this is new and exciting: wish i had one. Anyone jump yet?? Nitro gear emailed me saying they are on the 10.5 for gearing options but still a couple months out. 4.88 would be tits
  11. zidaro


    updated pic 4/5/17 How were sitting now '10 CREWMAX. The beginning! Tundra is stock as of now. No suspension upgrades added yet. It has the 5.7V8 and 4.3 geared tow package. And yes it is a 1500. Handles the weight easily in the power department. Suspension dropped 3" in rear...
  12. zidaro

    '10 4runner - game on

    '10 4runner - slow and easy goes it! Hello everyone Just signed the papers! New addition to the family and a drastic change from an '87 runner(still got it). Off'd our Ford Explorer for this :wings: To those who care: Magnetic grey Limited full-time 4x4, center diff., downhill...