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    12v to 24v trickle charger

    Does anyone know of a reliable trickle charger/battery maintainer that will charge 24v batteries (small) off a 12v system (generally kept up with solar, or else by being plugged in). Sterling’s 12-24v trickle charger is exceedingly unreliable, have been through several. All that’s needed is 1A...
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    Unimog parked near Kremlin

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    14R19.5 Michelin XS tires

    Found these on Vrakking Tires: They are 14" wide and 36.5" tall, for about 9" wide rims (single of course). They are new but Vrakking couldn't find a load or speed rating. I expect they would be ideal for Australia - sand...
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    Leaky front portal seal

    I am currently about 200 miles northeast of Moscow returning from Mongolia. Yesterday my inner left front portal seal (outboard from CV joint) started leaking. The box holds 700 ML's I had to put 300 ML's in. I have been using Delvac 1 75W90. I replaced with Australian Penrite Full Syn 75w90...
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    Getting water into tank

    One thing I like to do is plan ahead. So several years ago I purchased a bucket with sealable threaded top with O ring for laundry on the go and a Little Giant 110v pump. It turns out that in Russia and Mongolia gas stations with water hoses are nonexistent. People largely get water from "water...
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    GovPlanet 5 ton trucks

    Does anyone know anything about this surpluser? They appear to have some very nice inventory for reasonable prices - a low mileage low corrosion MTV which 99% works for less than $9K. I know you'd spend more than that with an upfitter doing detailing, paint, insulation, fixing stuff but it...
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    275/80R20 XZLs for super single on 1 ton pickups

    This might be a nice tire for 1 ton but not F450/550s (due to load capacity = only 4000 lb) to replace 9.00R16/255/100R16 sizes which aren't usable due to larger disk brakes on newer pickups. I.e. 1 tons with Lance campers etc. 37" diameter...
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    Garmin Dezl 760 LMT

    Garmin finally has come out something to match its' discontinued Streetpilot 7200/7500 series. The new one has a 7" screen which is actually visible from several feet away. It takes SD cards and has a video input for reversing cameras. And you can program it with a vehicle's critical dimension...
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    335/80R20 Michelin XZE with 7500kg/axle load capacity

    With the 19500 lb load capacity of the stretch F550 the rear axle tire load capacity of single rear tires has been somewhat problematic. Vrakking in the Netherlands has some 335/80R20 XZE (new) with 7500kg/axle load capacity, more than enough. More of a road biased tread than the MPT81s...
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    2 Mogs

    I ran in to Bob Kenny from South Australia with his very nice 1300L with a modified ambulance body for camping. He carries up to 1000L of home-made biodiesel! We were at Windjana Gorge in NE Western Australia. I can't upload the picture because it's too many MB. Charlie
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    Eurosatory 2010

    I received an invitation to this international defence hardware convention the week of 6/14 in Paris. I'll try to take cell phone pics of interesting expo stuff. Charlie
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    ecological cheap compact washing machine

    6 gal plastic dry dog feed bucket with threaded top sealed with O-ring Put dirty clothes in, 1/2 cup laundry powder Cover with warm water attach to loops screwed into floor with ratchet strap drive half the day. rinse cover with fresh water rinse again 2nd half of day, driving put on solar...
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    Garmin Worldmap SD card

    Has anyone used this? What's it like for countries uncovered by Street Navigators? Like Laos, Mongolia, Central Asia republics. Charlie
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    Actionmobil for low price
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    CDL = comm. drivers' licence

    Well, I successfully passed my Class B CDL driving test and have the licence. Has anyone gone to Australia in a heavy (>7500kg) vehicle and found it necessary? Charlie
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    Whatcharterboat please contact me

    I'm trying to send you a PM but you have too many messages stored. Could you clear (delete) some of them please? Charlie
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    U500s for sale

    There is one only slightly used U500 for sale. Contact "coachconverter" on the Unimog part of 2002: 6500 miles, $80K, long wheelbase and 33K GVW, 280hp, hydraulics, working & crawler gears, Webasto preheater, F/R lockers, 270A alternator, at least one winch (rear 15K Warn...
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    BMW X5 diesel

    Our 09 X5 diesel is doing ~20.5mpg in-city driving on the 2nd tank. Part of that in -20F. temps. Rated at 265hp/425ft-lb, it accelerates like it has a big V8 under the hood (3.0L 6cyl 24 valve twin sequential turbos). Best thing for its' daily driver (my wife): hands-free cell phone with...
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    dual rears a problem at low psi

    I just thought of the best reason why DRWs are a problem in a vehicle that goes offroad a fair amount: If the pressure in the rears is significantly lowered the bulge in the tires will rub, potentially causing rapid heating. Does anyone have a duallie pickup and does the owner's manual...
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    2002 U500 on Ebay

    There's a 2002 U500, long wheelbase with ~10K miles for $60K. No bids yet, it only has 45 hrs left on auction. It does not have CTIS or electroautomatic shifting but it has most other necessary options for an expedition camper. It's converted to run on veg oil/biodiesel with a 25 gal diesel...