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  1. RichieFromBoston

    Walkaround 80 series videos. cool and rare ones only.

    enjoy. 1 HDT turbo diesel Supercharged 80 supercharged clean 80
  2. RichieFromBoston

    alu cab expediton 3 my fourth and final RTT

    Ive owned 4 RTTs and used them ALL a lot. I travle the country in an 80 series. And in order to pay for the super unleaded the supercharged fze demands I cant sleep in hotels AND pay the gas. So a RTT is key, Ive gone from a CVT to a roofnest to an Authome to finally the alu cab. and its a...
  3. RichieFromBoston

    100AH Lithium cant handle start up draw

    For my AUX battery I recently went to a reLIon 100AH lithium battery run through a redarc 1225d and after installing this, my ARB twin compressor died after a tad more than a year. seeing as I run 37s and use my rig as intended a lot airing up happens a lot, Also the addition of the Red Winch...
  4. RichieFromBoston

    So I went dual battery but this time AGM in Front Lithium in rear

    So I did it, never even seen it done but spoke to a lot of different guys and went for it. Originally had two AGM up front with a national luna DB system( i was new) now I have a 70AH AGM as starter/winch battery and a 100AH reLion 100AH LT(low temp) in rear in rear drawers I built (yes I do all...
  5. RichieFromBoston

    expo west 3 day camp ticket

    Missed the deadline, looking for a 3 day vehicle camping pass. If you have one for sale hit me up please.
  6. RichieFromBoston

    Lets see your AGM/Lithium wiring layout. Controls and all.

    we all talk about our setups and our planned set ups for dual/triple AGM/lithium etc and of course SOLAR and removable second battery setup, well lets see them POST UP PICS/DRAWINGS/IDEAS HERE.
  7. RichieFromBoston

    Has anyone figured out a solid mounting setup for the ALU CAB expedition 3?

    Because this is my 4th RTT and the mounting to a standard rack or my prisnu style rack makes no sense to me, and I cannot find anything from ALU CAB.
  8. RichieFromBoston

    AUTOHOME Maggiolina GRAND TOUR review after a year and 60k miles

    recently bought a new RTT So took the time to make a review of the old one. Ill be reviewing my ALU CAB expedition 3 very soon.
  9. RichieFromBoston

    ***************SOLD*****Zamp Solar 90 watt suitcase new w/case

    Cant upload pics apparently files too large but here it is...
  10. RichieFromBoston

    humless 1500 lithium solar generator

    had for 6 months going straight up lithium in truck so I wont be needing it. in like new condition. comes with power cord. and the pics I have are too large to upload here so its this wthout solar panel but for 750.00 you...
  11. RichieFromBoston

    running AGM and lithium

    I currenty (no pun) have 2 odyesy extremes 170AH total under the hood of my 80, Im adding a 100ah lithium in rear, Im using a national lna setup for two odyessys now and I have the redarc bcdc1125d and a SBS 270 amp alternator. The prob is the redarc only does solar/AGM or solar/lithium. What...
  12. RichieFromBoston

    SOLD Autohome Maggiolina GRAND TOUR medium

    I LIVE IN MASSACHUSETTS Im going a different route and will be letting go of my recently aquired Maggiolina medium Its a hand crank seriously well made roof top tent. Ive used it a couple dozen times and it was white, I painted it black with marine grade topcoat. comes with everything as though...
  13. RichieFromBoston


    1 YEAR OLD WELL CARED FOR TENT HERES A REVIEW i DID OF IT. ROOFNEST REVIEW This tent has been mounted to my rig for a year, its black 3 infoam matress inside pockets has been used but never eaten in, m=smoked in and no pets. 1200.00FIRM LOCATED IN MA. pick up only...