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  1. VanIsle_Greg

    Outdoor / Active watch for sale - Garmin (SOLD)

    Hello, I have a nice watch for sale that might appeal to some of you Overland/outdoorsy types so I thought I would share them here too. Garmin Fenix GPS Watch in 9/10 condition. This is an older model, but has GPOS tracking and all of the smart watch features you want. Email, notifications...
  2. VanIsle_Greg

    Cancelled: Lagun Table System

    UPDATE: Purchased a new one online. Garelick leg going up for sale soon! Hello, Long shot I know, but I thought why not give this a try? I am looking for a Lagun Table leg / mounting system, you know the adjustable swing away ones. I currently have a VERY nice Garelick extruded aluminum...
  3. VanIsle_Greg

    Gas Lift Assist Rams for Pop Up Camper.

    Hello All, I am building my camper and am at the point I am looking for gas rams to help with the opening of the roof. I am hoping that someone can share some measurements with me from their Four Wheel Camper? As I understand and from research the 4WC rams are a total or 40.6 inches long and...
  4. VanIsle_Greg

    2014 Ram 1500 1/2 Ton Airbag Question(s)

    Hello all, I have a 2014 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab 5.7L that I am in the process of building a lightweight slide in camper for. This is going to weigh in at (fingers crossed) about 1100-1200# wet. Thats with 20# LPG and 13 gal of water and the camping basics. This is well under the 1450# payload...
  5. VanIsle_Greg

    Pop-Up Camper - Custom Build (scratch built) Oasis-Si

    After a lot of work and a long delay (about 4 months), I have decided to post up my custom pop-up camper build thread. This has been a lot of planning, a lot of layout effort and a lot of Amazon shipments. Oh and of course a lot of building. My inspiration for this camper is the 4WC Four Wheel...
  6. VanIsle_Greg

    Exploration Ready 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic (XJ) and RTT / Rack (SOLD)

    For Sale Sadly the time has come for me to sell my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic (XJ) 206,000 KM and in excellent used condition. Probably one of the cleanest and nicest modified Jeep XJ’s around. This is a well maintained and rust free, well looked after example of one of the last Cherokee's...
  7. VanIsle_Greg

    SOLD!! - 1992 CDN M101 1/4 Ton Custom with CVT/Water/LPG and more

    SOLD!! To very nice people! Hello All, I am looking to trade my CDN M101 off-road camping trailer. Reason, I am selling my 2000 XJ as I bought a more family friendly Ram 1500 Crew, so the trailer is less fitting for that rig. There is a long standing build thread (see signature below) here on...
  8. VanIsle_Greg

    1989 Coleman Colorado Mini for sale in Victoria BC (Not mine - No afiliation etc...)

    All, just thought I would share. Pretty awesome little trailer that looks to be in good shape for the age. I stumbled across this today while looking at the local trailer adds. Only asking $1200.00 CAD, that's like $14.00 US these days...
  9. VanIsle_Greg

    Help a brother out - Post up some pics and details of your RTT lift systems

    All, I have come to the conclusion that I am not a fan of the RTT mounted directly to my lid. Don't get me wrong, it works well and it is easy to get in and out of (I have yet to use the ladder, I use my fender) I just need some more space. I have a brand new never opened annex sitting in a bag...
  10. VanIsle_Greg

    Acer Iconia A500 10.1 16GB Tablet (GPS Enabled - Perfect for NAV)

    As new condition Acer Iconia A500 10.1 16GB Android Tablet. - Android 4.0.3 factory reset to original spec/OS install - NVIDIA Tegra 250 Dual Core CPU @ 1GHz - 1 GB RAM - 16 GB on board, Micro SD slot (no external card included) - GPS, Front and Rear camera with flash, Bluetooth, WiFi...
  11. VanIsle_Greg

    Looking for a used 2 person hardshell RTT ASAP (CVT/Maggolina/Etc) - BC Canada

    Hello All, I am looking for a used (gently) 2 person hard shell roof top tent (RTT). I already have a CVT Mt Hood on my trailer, but want a second unit for the roof of the Cherokee. 2 growing children dictate that more sleeping room is needed...stat. If I don't go this route, not sure where I...
  12. VanIsle_Greg

    M101 CDN2 Canadian Gov. Surplus Sale...closed bids only

    Ok, it pains me to do this, but someone out there needs this trailer more than I do. I desperately WANT this trailer, but if I buy it I will have to live in it for the next few months until my wife forgives me. You should have seen her today when I came home with a new-to me Cobra 29 PLX and a...
  13. VanIsle_Greg

    Anyone in Victoria BC Looking for a kool little Teardrop?

    Not mine, no affiliation, but this COULD be the base for a sweet little off-road trailer with a new axle, some bigger fenders and some wheels/tires and so on. Or use it as it sits... sweet little build. Just...
  14. VanIsle_Greg

    New to me 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD WK...Codename "The Plushmobile"

    Hello Jeep People. Some of you will recognize me from my avatar. I am a regular lurker, a pretty regular poster and spend most of my internet time in here on ExPo or on the BC Jeep Club site. I just recently added to my stable (is 2 Jeeps and a Caravan a stable?) a mint condition 2005 Jeep Grand...
  15. VanIsle_Greg

    The all new 2014 Jeep Cherokee-Liberty Car? BRB, just headed out to the XJ to pry off all the Cherokee logos... *hangs head in shame and sadness*
  16. VanIsle_Greg

    GregB_00XJ M101 CDN2 "Way too Red" Build Thread (finally)

    Well folks, I finally decided to whomp together a build thread. Now that I am 99% complete phase one that is! heh I still have a lot of work to do, but I figured as I spend 90% of my online time on this forum, and 99% of my spare time working on the trailer, I may as well back-fill my project...
  17. VanIsle_Greg

    Gas strut mounting position advice needed

    Hello All, I am looking for some advice, and some of your personal experience. I am about to mount 2 x 100 pound gas struts (lift shocks?) to assist with lifting my lid and RTT. I am going to be adding a set of 6x6 blocks to the inside of the wood lid, then using some stainless bolts and washers...
  18. VanIsle_Greg

    Wanted: CDN M101 Lunette/Spring/Castle Nut assembly

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a Lunette Ring, Spring and Castle Nut they aren't using and want to sell? If you do, let me know and thanks!! Greg
  19. VanIsle_Greg

    Wanted: Greasable Stainless Hinges for Trailer Tub Lid (links and reviews?)

    Hey All, I am looking for a set of 2 grease-able stainless hinges for my CDN m101 trailer lid. Anybody have any links and or personal experience with such hinges?? Thanks fellow trailer nerds!! Greg :D
  20. VanIsle_Greg

    Deals on Solid Diff Covers Wow, so cheap. I would have these installed if there were not full pop when I was looking.