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  1. zidaro

    SOLD: Eezi-Awn XCLUSIVE 1600 (Includes Annex) Los Angeles

    Nice gear. and i musta missed it? where is it?
  2. zidaro

    Tembo Tusk Fridge slide XL

    Dang! would have been all over this when you were in Reno area. HMU if your headed back into the Eastern Sierra anytime soon. aaron
  3. zidaro

    El Camaleon Azul. an '08 V8 4x4 T4R built to go.....

    😂😂🤙🤙 Thankyou. Much appreciated
  4. zidaro

    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    Merry Christmas! Im here. i go everywhere😎. LT has been amazing for my purposes. But.... I don't jump my tundra, i wheel it. Hard. Usually with the TC on it. Ill update with some shots of places. But if you've got specific questions, LMK Aaron
  5. zidaro

    SOLD July 9, 2020 2007 Northstar TC 650 w/jacks for sale

    just sent link to my buddy Brian
  6. zidaro

    El Camaleon Azul. an '08 V8 4x4 T4R built to go.....

    Marlin is about to release their long travel ifs suspension kit 😱😍😍😍 you have any idea what that means👹👹
  7. zidaro

    Show your Thumper!!

    Mmmmm, baja. Lots of it
  8. zidaro

    2005 Chevy C4500 Duramax 4x4 Motorhome Las Vegas area

    such an amazing rig! Dream of traveling Baja in this style every night
  9. zidaro

    F450 converted to 37” super singles

    Uhhh, sick toys my friend
  10. zidaro

    F450 converted to 37” super singles

    very cool. following
  11. zidaro

    Newby, Tucson AZ with a UNIQUE full size. REDNECK ROAMER

    Dang! that thing is cool as *******!
  12. zidaro


    No grief whatsoever! So far 4 trips with her and no questions ever. But, we do get a Vet certified form locally in US that verifies her vaccines and health. So far that has been unnecessary. I will say, traveling with a dog in Baja is great. First, it is a HUGE deterrent, the culture of...
  13. zidaro