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    2003 Mercedes 1823 overland expedition truck

    Hi all, Foe sale is my Mercedes 1823 overland expedition motorhome. For sale at £30k, located in London, UK. Eligible for import to Canada should you wish. I'm pained to do this, after the many hours spent building this vehicles, and the hundreds of happy nights and amazing experiences we had...
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    Fibreglassing experts, I have a question for you about repairs to my truck siding

    Hi all, I don’t know if there are any fibreglassing experts on here but I have a question which I was hoping someone could answer. The body on my truck is made with a steel frame, onto which plywood siding is glued, and the edges and corners protected with aluminium capping. The siding is made...
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    tie road / track rod wear

    Hi all, In preparation for Jim's annual test I took him to get a full check-over this week. The recommended repairs were generally expected but one which surprised me was excessive tie rod wear. The steering is not as precise as it has been, but I was surprised that the play was bad enough to...
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    Truck Brake Service in Texas?

    Hi all, I'm still driving around the south east of the US and I was hoping someone could recommend a place to get the brakes on my Mercedes 1823 looked at in Texas, preferably near Austin or San Antonio. In the south of Florida I had a calliper fail to release on one side of the rear axle...
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    Jim the Truck - a mercedes 1823

    Hi All, I've recently started a blog to document progress converting a truck I bought a few years back into a motorhome. I've posted a few photos on the forum before but I didn't start a thread or blog because progress was so slow. Progress is still slow but I'm resigned that that is how it'll...
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    Where to put a mounted spare wheel on my Merc 1823?

    Hi all, I am in the process of converting my truck into a motorhome and am wrestling with ideas regarding the storage of a mounted spare tyre. The truck is a Merc 1823 and so has a typical flat fronted European cab sitting over the engine. Below is an old photo showing the cab and box...