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    1124 AF Double Cab

    I 100% agree with diesel for heating. The Eberspacher/Webasto units are frugal on fuel and generally work dependably for a long time. In my experience, gas is a better cooking solution unless there is another reason that you need a huge electrical system. Unless you have a truck bloated to the...
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    Under-loading suspension

    Under UK C&U regs, a 3 axle truck will be limited to 26 tonne GVW. The chassis might be specced for 33 tonne, but I expect the suspension would be less. The exception would be if the truck had been built for a special off road purpose. A 26 tonne truck at 16 tonnes shouldn't be horrifically...
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    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    Ours was mostly fine whilst I owned it, but it would occasionally just forget to turn on. Very irritating when you've been parked up for a week or so and the batteries are low, and you do a long day of driving, and find the batteries haven't been getting any charge. Sterling were the only...
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    Euro 6 complient available now and selling well!
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    Chassis Paint or not to Paint

    The thickness of truck chassis' is extremely substantial to make them strong enough, and even unpainted, it would take decades before the rust was sufficient to compromise integrity. It's nice to know that the truck is protected, and clean paint makes it easier to see damage and leaks, but...
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    Mercedes AL3 and HL7 available axle ratios..

    The G85-6 on the later Atego 18 tonners has a 0.7 overdrive in 6th gear. With a divorced transfer case I can't see it being a huge job to swap over to the newer gearbox provided the bellhousing is the same pattern. The hydraulic shifter mechanism on the G85-6 should give some flexibility with...
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    Pretty Ugly... 1835, The Build Begins

    It might not be important to you, but the disc brakes on my old 1823 were too large to fit wheels smaller than 22.5s. If you want to use 20 inch wheels and tyres, you'll need to stick with the drums.
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    Jim the Truck - a mercedes 1823

    I've come to terms with it, as it's taken a long time to make the decision and actually list it for sale, but I can't be sure that I wont shed a tear when the truck sells. No plans for another build, but I would definitely get more use out of a small van for weekends and short trips than a...
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    2003 Mercedes 1823 overland expedition truck

    Thanks! It's generated more interest than I expected
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    2003 Mercedes 1823 overland expedition truck

    Hi all, Foe sale is my Mercedes 1823 overland expedition motorhome. For sale at £30k, located in London, UK. Eligible for import to Canada should you wish. I'm pained to do this, after the many hours spent building this vehicles, and the hundreds of happy nights and amazing experiences we had...
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    Jim the Truck - a mercedes 1823

    Hi all, It’s been a long time since I posted anything here, as my travels have been less and less frequent. Jim has spent the last year being dormant and it’s taken me that time to sum up the courage to put him up for sale. FOR SALE PAGE Having converted the truck myself, and having never...
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    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    Your kid walked 36 miles in a day? Even over two days that's some achievement! Congratulations
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Another recommendation for marine hatches. I use Lewmar Ocean hatches. The aluminium frame does attract condensation but it's the price you pay for a durable, serviceable hatch.
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    News You (may be able) to Use

    I got an air filter for my 03 1823 at a Peterbilt dealer of all places
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    Traditional RV modified for Overlanding?

    Also worth considering the way that they are constructed. The construction and materials used in the body and furniture is unlikely to hold up well to thousands of miles on bad roads. they are designed and built to be as cheap and light as possible whilst surviving the low intensity use that...
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    Jim the Truck - a mercedes 1823

    Back in France in the haute Jura area
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    Jim the Truck - a mercedes 1823

    Back in the mountains, this time a few miles off the Susten Pass in Switzerland. Spot the truck?
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    Hand washing and drying racks/lines

    I mostly use coin laundries when on the road. We have a couple of cheapo home depot towel rails between the cab and the box to hang towels on, a heated towel rail in the bathroom, and a pull out line in the bathroom which I use for drying soaking clothes when we come in from being out in the...
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    If I Only Had The Money....

    The blue F450s used to be parked up in Aldgate all the time, not sure where they keep them these days. But you're right, you don't see them very often. I live in Tottenham where burning police cars have been seen more recently than most of the UK.