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    FJ with a family of five plus dog

    Thanks. I've toyed with the idea of a trailer. Not sure how it would handle on the trails though. Seems like the trailer adds one extra layer of off road complexity. I've never towed much. Not a show stopper but I can learn and it's a consideration. The biggest concern is that unlike a...
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    FJ with a family of five plus dog

    You're right. I'm not looking to buy a new truck. I thought about it but since I'm hoping to wind up in Colorado Springs. Hence the 4Runner or FJ. Running out of space on the 4Runner is insightful though. Thanks for the info. Pete
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    FJ with a family of five plus dog

    So finally got the FJ I've always wanted. Has the rear locker and A-Trac so we're all set. Managed to get out for a long week this month and have the next three weeks lined up in either the desert or up in the mountains. We're based in the UAE for another 1.5 years so I figured we'd go for...
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    Overland UAE

    Well I think we've finally got it all figured out. Slowly getting all of our recovery and camp gear set. We recently purchased a used Nissan Xterra. Since we're not traveling outside UAE we're going to overland all over UAE this winter. I've done some book research, Wikiloc, etc. I'm not so...