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    Did OK4WD Just Hold a Fake Raffle???

    Damn, James coming through with the explanation! It wasn't actually necessary but you took the time to explain everything and that is highly appreciated!
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    who is using a real gps vs a tablet

    Ive been using an XGPS puck with a non-gps ipad mini and its never let me down ;)
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    Inflatable Kayaks

    I was expecting some kind of humorous photo of a raccoon in the kayak with you hahaha
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    Ozark Trail "High Performance" cooler - any good?

    Returned the first one I bought because of tiny holes I found along the molding seam Ive had the 2nd one for a few weeks now but never got to use it.... used it this past weekend and the plug leaked all day, never stopped. As much as I wanted to like this cooler, Ill be returning this 2nd one...
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    Inflatable Kayaks

    From the research that I've done, I 2nd this. Ive seen plenty of photos of dogs in inflatable kayaks and read a few reviews where people took their dogs. Id be more concerned about him trying to jump out but as soon as I get a kayak Ill be training him to stay in on dry land, then testing him in...
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    Inflatable Kayaks

    Way too big/heavy for my FJ roof rack. Im definitely trying to stick to something inflatable so it takes up less space during my multiple day trips
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    Inflatable Kayaks

    Never thought about the drag but you make a great point. I believe they sell a small motor for the IK I linked in the first post... would it be worth it to invest in that as well?
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    Inflatable Kayaks

    I can do some more shopping around for different models but I just wanted to confirm theyre not a bad idea for flatwater, right? haha Thank you everyone for chiming in!
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    Inflatable Kayaks

    Damn, that much $ to only use for one season? Why is that?
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    Trasharoo, first impressions....

    Yea but trasharoos look like they need to be replaced every so often depending on usage and how long it sits in the sun. Your solution looks a lot more durable, may not look as cool but im more about function over form. Looks like you would be able to some how strap it to the spare tire if you...
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    Inflatable Kayaks

    Wow folding frame + inflatable. Looks amazing but too far out of my budget. Plus, I like that I may have the option for two people in the K2 Explorer.
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    Inflatable Kayaks

    Wow I really appreciate that offer, might have to schedule a stop near you to at least tryout a real kayak. Thank you! But youre right, I am much lighter haha 5'10 150lbs and I dont really know anyone Id take on a trip and would weigh a lot more than me. Maybe my dog when hes older but hes...
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    Inflatable Kayaks

    Not much of a watersports/activity kind of person but Im planning a trip to tour the lakes of the Sierras, and Northern California. All flat water, no rivers/streams. Any suggestions/opinions about inflatable kayaks, specifically the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak...
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    Blueberry Gone Wild FJ Build

    Awesome Summit photos! Looks like I need to plan a CO trip sometime.
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    Trasharoo, first impressions....

    This seems a lot more durable than a Trasharoo
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    Colorado diesel narrowly beats Tacoma in head to head comparison

    But are there more high-mileage Tacomas, or Colorados on the road?
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    humvee ready for fun

    Amazing progress!
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    Water purifying

    Anyone have experience with these LifeSaver 5Gal purification cans?
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    Trasharoo, first impressions....

    Both times the strap was used. The first time it fell off, it was full of paper trash (4 days of camping) and we were flying down some roads in British Columbia taking hard turns. I stopped after about an hour of that, and it was gone. 2nd time in pismo, I used the strap, and reinforced it...