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    Bulb seal

    Looking for a Canadian supplier of rubber bulb seal for using in trailers doors / hatches. Mackmaster karr does not want to sell to Canada. Grainger only sells to businesses they say. Any other places I should look?
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    Upper control arms

    Seems to be consensus that new UCA are recommended when using lift higher than 2.5 inches on the 4Runner/taco. New UCA allow the alignment adjustments to be made to put caster and camber in optimal spec How specifically is this accomplished? What is different about the geometry? Is the...
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    ACM panels, VHB tape and waterproof seam

    Please post if you have experience with using VHB tape. I am wondering if a waterproof seam could be made by butt joining 2 ACM (DiBond) panels together with VHB tape under and centered on the joint with a framing member underneath. See attached photo. Teal is ACM, red is VHB, Grey is frame
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    Sikaflex construction sealant

    Does anyone have comments or experience using sikaflex construction sealant? Less than $8 at the Home Depot. Appears to remain very flexible. Video link Could this be used to bong Alu skin to frame?
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    Millscale on Hot Rolled Steel - bike hauler/ general purpose trailer build

    What are some ideas about millscale on hot rolled steel before painting ? One option would be media blast $200 Chemical stripper ($??) messy DIY Wire brush to remove loose scale and rust, most scale would remain. And primer and paint. Let me know your thoughts and experiences
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    Trailer sauce advice

    Trailer sauce has several excellent articles and drawings on their website They have an several articles on tongue design, and one of them is about composite tongue. They advise builders "Do not under any circumstances weld across the horizontal faces on the...
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    Teardrop corners

    I have been inspired by the work of jscherb and came up with this idea. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this. I like the radius that is possible using fiberglass as shown in the thread of modular trailer components. What if it were possible to get some metal (Alu or SS) tube bent...