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    On Bring a Trailer

    I saw this on BAT. It's cool but I would never travel in anything that old. At least not any distance. You don't have any idea of how it was cared for.
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    Fragile Jeeps

    So, you did this trip in the 50's or you actually made a decision to use a 60 year plus old vehicle to travel around Africa. I understand doing it on a budget but thats ridiculous.
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    What slide in camper to get?

    I just ordered a Host Cascade today. It meets all 7 items but is heavy. I ordered a Ram 5500 to carry it last week. It's big and comfortable and has a great bathroom for my wife. I flat tow a rubicon behind it for rough stuff. Or take the enclosed trailer with the RZR. Hatfield/McCoy is a...
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    Build: Ram 3500 and Aluminum/Composite Expedition Camper

    I've wondered the same thing??
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    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    I guess I have but traveling is a huge hobby of mine. Camping, RVing, hiking, I love all of it. Kenny, Please update a bit more. We miss you.
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    PovertyRoamer- F550 4x4 CC 7.3 11' flattie moto/mtb/surf sherpa with a Lance 1040

    Looking great , what size tires are on that beast?
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    DIY Flatbed Truck Camper Build

    Wonderful work. Go out and enjoy it!
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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    This is the best build I have seen in several years, and I look for them... Love the vids also. I have been running duals for decades in mud and deep snow. The most important thing is the driver and his/her experience. EVERYTHING else is secondary. You will be fine regardless. Did I...
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    Hemi Wrangler or Gladiator or both?

    Hell yes we need it. We also need a Hellcat in a 2 door with a manual tranny. You have no idea how many CJ-5's and a few 7's I have had with 304 and 360 V8's. I still miss them............
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    Host Lynx 8.0 Camper ??

    Host builds some of the best campers in the world. I ordered one in 2017. It was awesome.
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    PROJECT_ToasterCamp - 5x8 Cargo Trailer Conversion Build

    This is looking great. awesome skills!!
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    Flat towing JEEP question

    I use Rockhard also. Zero issues.
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    Off to Colorado!

    We need more pics. Looks great. ENJOY!
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    Rerigging my rig,opinions needed!

    Thats what I do.
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    What are the best 4 person camper options?

    Not in a small camper. My Host mammoth slept 4 easily, but it wasn't small. It was a great set up on my Ram 5500. But my wife wanted to go back to a coach. Now we have the coach and I have a new 5500 and I'm looking at campers just for the times I'm alone or we want to head out for a few...
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    Slide in Camper Survey

    I have an 8 foot wide 12 feet long flatbed on my new ram 5500. Where can I see specs and prices for a large camper kit with a bunk over cab?
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    Dynamax Isata 5 28SS - Ram 5500 4x4 or Thor Outlaw 29s with 4x4

    I'm thinking about 14 to 16 feet long on the 5500. Eliminate the bed in the back and wife and i would use the cab over bunk. Then all the space in the box would be for living area. Also vehicle would be smaller etc.
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    Holy Grail Jeep, 05 LJ Rubicon

    Jeep is SPF. Thanks everyone.
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    International Jeep Overland Discussion

    My friends who are doing this now and have been for years in Africa and South/central America tell me things. 90% of your driving will be on paved roads, 9% will be on dirt or gravel roads that the locals drive all manor of crappy cars on with no trouble. 1% might be actual offroad. Enjoy your...