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    2000 Cherokee - worth 10-11k?

    I like #2.....clean, honest truck, nothing to wonder about being hidden. There is a machine shop out here in Colorado that sells nicely rebuilt 4.0 engines for under 2k and 4.6 strokers for not a whole lot more! I've secretly lusted after an XJ for a long time.....go for it!
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    2000 Cherokee - worth 10-11k?

    They are few and far between in that kind of outward condition. It IS 21 years old, seals well leak, steering parts will be worn, it will need some maintenance here and there. Has it been re-painted? The badging is gone, and it's awfully shiny. Verify that in addition to the undercarriage they...
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    cargo area storage cover mods/ideas

    Or, as I read this and ponder.....what about a piece of aluminum, in two "tracks" or "guides" running fore/aft, and just slide it forward to access the space and pull it back to close?
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    Best Real-Time GPS Tracking Apps

    Gaia....but you may have heard that already. [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    JKU Suspension dilemma

    That's too bad...but I had a feeling. I'm not thrilled with mine either and I continue to struggle with just what to do next.
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    Real nice ER for sale.

    And it says that they'll take cash in person!!! YES! :ROFLMAO:
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    Dual battery setup for a fridge

    THIS is for a JL, but I think they were making one for a JK as well. I am intrigued by the use of the floor cubby. It also would not be difficult to fab something up for this are yourself for this purpose.
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    JKU Suspension dilemma

    I have the TF 1.5s and they don't seem to really be all that "heavy duty" for weight. When I'm loaded for camping (not crazy heavy) and attach my teardrop (150 pounds tongue weight) it will squat. Further, I can see and feel the difference after the recent addition of my Gobi rack which they...
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    JKU Suspension dilemma

    I've read similar complaints with the TeraFlex springs you are considering...just sayin'. You've done a good job of considering all weights and uses. I think that if you set it up for the 80 to 90% use level and do the air bags for the other 10% you'll have the "best" of both...any linear rate...
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    JKU Suspension dilemma

    So, why not the OMEs?
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    Colorado slide in camper build

    Holy Mother of Scaffolding Batman!! LOL
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    FS: 2017 Off-Road Tear Drop Trailer in Arizona

    I am really surprised that this hasn't sold......the bang for buck ratio is high on this comparing it to commercially available units and IMHO it looks to be better built than many! Good Luck with the sale!
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    WTB goose gear drawers
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    *SOLD* Power Tank Combo $675 Sacramento Ca

    What are the date stamps on the tanks?
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    *SOLD* POWERTANK 10 LB. Basic Package

    Replied, thanks.
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    *SOLD* POWERTANK 10 LB. Basic Package

    Is this available or no? What is the date on the tank?
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    Jeep....Now I do understand

    Looks like an "off road" floor jack!
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    Looks like he's in Denver.
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    Omaha Outbound T-Rex Model vs Intech Chase

    Big difference, in a quick look, seems to be the lack of a rear opening. Do you need that or not? Second thought is will the company be around when you need them in a year or two? Intech likely will. I like the Intech better, but it's your choice.
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    Budget Basecamp (AK Camper on a service bed)

    Nice work, it's coming together nicely! One question, and it may simply be by default......any concerns with the cooler next to the wood stove?