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    Powertrax No-Slip Traction System?

    I've had a No-Slip in the rear of my '02 Tacoma since January 2004 (about the past 45K miles). It doesn't ratchet, but does bang once in awhile. Because it introduces a bit of play in the driveline, it kind of messes with the synchros in the manual five-speed, resulting in grinding if I try to...
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    Key chains

    No key chain or ring for my '02 Tacoma key. So there's nothing to bang around on the dash or steering column while off the pavement. Also less stress on the ignition switch. I keep a spare Tacoma key on a ring with my other keys in my pocket.
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    Safari Snorkel Pre-Cleaner

    Your reasoning seems sound to me. I have the 7" Donaldson for my 2.7-litre engine. It works as advertised, but I don't run it all the time because I need to rig a more secure way of attaching it to the snorkel tube.
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    94ZRunner's 1990 Hilux double cab diesel

    Wow. I love my '02 Tacoma, but those...
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    4 Cyl 5 Speed Tacoma: Has anybody regretted getting 265/75R16 tires?

    Mine came with a factory package that included 265/70/16 tires and 4.30 differential gears. No factory locker with that, but I've added an aftermarket locker.
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    4 Cyl 5 Speed Tacoma: Has anybody regretted getting 265/75R16 tires?

    I have a 2002 standard cab with the 2.7, five-speed, factory 4.30 differential gearing and 265/75/16 KO2s (load range E). There's a definite decrease in street/highway performance with these tires, but it's worth it to me. I can still use fifth gear at highway speeds and a slight uphill grade. I...
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    Quietest tire load range E?

    I had Toyo AT2s (235/85/16) for two years. Quietest tire I've had on my truck. Great tire.
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    Who here brave it without rock sliders?

    I bought my 2002 standard-cab Tacoma new and finally had some custom-made sliders welded on a few weeks ago. I'd been thinking about sliders for years. A local fabricator arranged a group buy involving a deep discount, so I went ahead. I picked up a small ding on the passenger-side rocker panel...
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    Toyo Open Country ATII --- Anyone tried 'em?

    I have a set of 235/85/16s (load range E) on my '02 standard cab Tacoma. They work well in most conditions, but significant mud will thwart them. I drive a lot of mostly dry rocky trails with them, and they've held up significantly better in terms of tread chunking (very little) and sidewall...
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    5 Days in Moab Utah

    Nice videos. It was 12 years ago today that my wife and I drove our stock '02 regular cab Tacoma on that trail. Great memories, and the truck did fine with open diffs and factory Dunlops. I'm under the impression that the trail might be somewhat deteriorated from what it was back then, but not...
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    Best tire for the money

    My AT2s (235/85/16) are not that good in mud. Definitely worse than my Duratracs were. But I tend to avoid mud anyway. My AT2s work very well on dry, rocky terrain, which is where I probably spend the most low-range time. Sent from my KFTT using Tapatalk 2
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    are lockers necessary?

    The steering effort was slightly stiffer while in 2WD as well. Sent from my KFTT using Tapatalk 2
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    are lockers necessary?

    I had a prototype Truetrac in the front of my 2002 Tacoma eight years ago. It was the only prototype in existence for a first-gen Tacoma with the automatic axle disconnect system. Other than the added traction, the only way I could tell it was there is because the steering effort increased...
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    Pizza Cutter question...

    I'm running 235/85/16 Toyo AT2s on my '02 standard-cab Tacoma. My truck has the factory 4.30 differential gearing and probably around 250 pounds of Leer tonneau cover and gear in the bed most of the time. The truck works fine on road and off with this setup; no need to slip the clutch...
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    New JK - Duratrac Question

    I've had 245/75/16 C-range and 235/85/16 E-range Duratracs on my '02 Tacoma. Both sets held up fine in Moab and plenty of general trail driving in northern Utah. The 245s ended up with some minor slices in the sidewall rubber, but nothing of real concern. Still, I found myself tip toeing around...
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    Got myself a Tacoma

    Congrats on the new truck. I have a 2002 regular cab that I bought new. It came with the larger tire option (265/70/16), so it has 4.30 differential gears. I'm currently running 245/75/16 Goodyear Duratracs. I'm thinking of going to 265/75/16s. The truck is not lifted, nor am I inclined to...
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    Goodyear MTR vs Duratrac - Longevity.

    I have load range C 245/75/16 DuraTracs on my 2002 Tacoma. I go four-wheeling quite a bit in the mountains of northern Utah and occasionally in Moab. During more than two years and about 8K miles on these tires, I've seen only a couple of minor sidewall cuts -- nothing that goes deeper than the...