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  1. The BN Guy

    Rock Auto Parts

    I need to some preventive maintenance this summer and my cousin has slated us to order from Anyone know if this place has quality parts or are they junk? Anyone dealt with them? Thanks for the input! FWIW, mechanic has given a quote of about 700-800 to install new timing belt...
  2. The BN Guy

    How to carry your mountain bike

    Never posted in this section but I just found this... Sorry if this is a repost!
  3. The BN Guy

    Range Rover Convertible

    I looked around but didn't see anything so if it's already there...I apologize.
  4. The BN Guy

    Welding on a vehicle

    I've heard people saying that welding on a vehicle has potential of frying the ECU (if equipped). I'm talking like welding on the frame or a bumper. Is this true? The only proof I really have is the incident involving the BMW motorcycle from Long Way Round. They had to weld up a break in...
  5. The BN Guy

    Hmmm...tire carrier idea

    I posted this on a couple other forums and had good reviews..except for my skills which I'm improving upon as we speak. What do ya think?
  6. The BN Guy

    New shoes for Stormy

    What do ya think?
  7. The BN Guy

    ARB replacement bumper light

    X-posted from NOR due to plenty of members here running ARB bumpers. For quite some time now the bumper lights on my ARB haven't worked. Even after I bought it (used but in good shape) they were worked intermittantly. So a few weeks ago I did a serious search for a replacement SET as I...
  8. The BN Guy


    I did a search and hadn't seen anyones post on the EarthCruiser 4x4. It's based on a Mitsubishi frame/cab with a composite fiberglass camper box. It's by Kym Bolton out of Australia. He races a Nissan Patrol in the Outback Challenge and several other comp's. Good looking rig with nice...
  9. The BN Guy


    Don't know how they'd stand up but found these a recent Skymall catalog.
  10. The BN Guy

    Home made awning

    Found this over on Australian 4WD Monthly's site... Not bad and could probably be put together for a song practically.
  11. The BN Guy

    Texas SB 155

    A few years ago the state passed SB 155 which took away our ability to go off-highway on state property that was not forbidden. One of the number one locations for many OHV people was a place known as the Slabs. It was all granite and sand from granite. Many other locations were taken away -...
  12. The BN Guy

    Stabilizers on trailers

    Okay I haven't seen them on anything but the largest of expedition trailers but... If you have a rooftop tent on a trailer does the whole trailer wiggle much at night? Even if it's still attached to the tow vehicle?
  13. The BN Guy

    BiBe 2007 Food

    Just curious what everyone's bringing since no open campfires. I have a little Coleman stove and cans of food. Nothing fancy on my end.
  14. The BN Guy

    New magazine coming out

    Based on Nissan vehicles. It'll include both automobiles, trucks, and SUV's. Our site,, is a partner and contributor. Come over and see what they have to offer. Ya know we gotta compete with the Toy's somehow.
  15. The BN Guy

    Bumper done. Mostly.

    There are a couple more modifications to go to the bumper but I'm going to wait till the fall. Just too danged hot here. On the ground ready to go... Different angle Finally installed Bracing under rear quarter
  16. The BN Guy

    ARB LED's

    The other day I saw a black TRD with an ARB. The front marker lights which are normally just "on" had been modified to be turn signals and were LED's. Very slick. Anyone know of this modification or are the newer ARB's coming that way?
  17. The BN Guy

    bed storage

    I plan on building a custom storage unit for the bed of Stormy. It'll just be between the fenderwells. I'm planning on two small bins towards the rear(close to the tailgate) and one larger one at the front of the bed(by the cab). Hinged and lockable are really not options. Gas struts to lift...
  18. The BN Guy

    Production swing gate

    and tire carrier. Prices I found were between 980$ and 1195$. Cool concept. High price. Totally bolt-on.
  19. The BN Guy

    Swing gate for pickups

    I plan on building one very soon. I've noticed some (A)swinging from the passenger side (makes sense = get out of drivers side and open), (B)swing on drivers side (that is the side I want to mount the tire on but weight on the gate that far out could be too much) or (C)custom setup that would...
  20. The BN Guy

    Australian touring vehicle

    I mentioned that there was a company in Oz that produced a large vehicle for mines, expeditions, military, etc. Just found the website...