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  1. bluejeep

    Shorter "Stratchits"?

    I've used a product from, there is a rope laced thru the outer spaces of the net, it can be attached via caribiners (included) to tiedown points, and tightened to hold the net and covered contents securely. Works best when the load is somewhat even in height, and the net needs to...
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    King Starboard as material for bed drawers/sleeping platform?

    8020 also sells paneling in different flavors
  3. bluejeep

    King Starboard as material for bed drawers/sleeping platform?

    here's an example of the 8020 framing, although its a different size, and uses wood ALUMINUM EXTRUSION cargo shelf and barrier, quick and simple! | Expedition Portal
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    King Starboard as material for bed drawers/sleeping platform?

    use 1/4" and 15 series extruded aluminum framing from, they also have a gasket that holds the flat material from rattling in the slot. i used frp (fiberglass reinforced panels-maybe the same thing as starboard) and 8020 and it has worked well. Cost is higher but its not a lot a...
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    Thought I posted here, apologies if this is a repeat. My Tentrax trailer, and link to short vids of it on the trail
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    Newb here — I need some basic recovery gear and a compressor. Where do I start?

    Don't discount getting a 110V air compressor and in cab voltage inverter (DC to AC). The compressors (mine is from Harbor Freight - been working great for over 10 years) spin at much slower speed, which to me means they will last longer. And the inverter opens up more options for powering things
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    Towing with a Jeep Wrangler

    2006 LJ with the 4.0 6 cyl. My experience is that the important points of consideration (all mentioned in previous posts) include -gearing (especially with oversize tires on the tow vehicle - I have 4.88 gears on 35" tires), -brakes at least on the tow vehicle (I recommend Black Magic...
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    how much for the 2 chairs?

    how much for the 2 chairs?
  9. bluejeep

    Looking For A Hitch Cargo Rack W/Added Ground Clearance...

    another option might be to use a 2" hitch bar that has a 2nd receiver located above the 1st. sorry, no pic
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    MCX said: Cautious use would include:......................................... perhaps an unburdened line from the far end to an obstacle, or another stake, in addition to the weighted winch line device, to help from becoming a flying projectile
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    Rockpals Refridgerator

    I've used mine several times (short periods of use) and other than not behaving well when set to Fahrenheit it has been flawless. Cools rapidly on high then goes into ECO mode
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    Do people really take their off-road teardrops through gnarly trails?

    not a teardrop, but a small camp trailer on the Rubicon, no real issues with it really. The vid starts out funky, just wait for it, you will see the trailer going thru one of the sluice boxes. I was new to my SoloShot camera that auto follows a puck i place on my mirror, it got too close to...
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    campsite pics..lets see um

    a few pics of an outing east of Dallas, and my setup at the 2019 Overland Expo in Flagstaff, and alongside the rubicon river on the rubicon trail
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    Rockpals Refridgerator

    Some info for those who own the frig Here's how to access other features of the frig, for instance to set the LED panel to read in F instead of C, do this..... 1) Press UP+Down+SET at the same time until the display shows E1 2) Then press the SET button until the display shows F 3) Then press...
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    International Jeep Overland Discussion

    I'd even go to 4.88 in the axles, I have a 2006 LJ Unlimited Rubicon with the 6 speed manual and 4.88 gears made up for any 'low power' feeling.
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    Rockpals Refridgerator

    just bought this frig to complement my other 2 smaller ones (nice for longer trips or for bringing other foods that i haven't had room for). Are current owners of this unit still happy with their purchase?
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    15L drink/lunch fridge freezers appearing

    I have one of those MD-14's, perfect size and operation for many years. Love having firm ice-cream at camp