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  1. Kmrtnsn

    New tires installed, Falken Wildpeak A/TW3s trip report.

    A couple of weeks ago in anticipation of our annual "Jeep trek" to Utah I decided it was time for some new rubber. We had run BFG KM2s (E's) and Hankook RE03 MT's (D's) and this time around I wanted an all terrain. I had narrowed the selection to Cooper ST-Maxxs, Mastercraft CXT's, or Falken...
  2. Kmrtnsn

    Saw this on Ebay, anyone familiar with the manufacturer I like the design. Clean, simple, stamping. Nice price point too, for a project starting point.
  3. Kmrtnsn

    Who makes these rear corner protectors

    I'm pretty sure the owner of this Jeep posts here, or a EP member is familiar with the build, or maybe somebody here might know who makes the corner protectors pictured on this Jeep. I was about to order the AEV corners but I like these better. I like the rail, which looks to be a great...
  4. Kmrtnsn

    Zongshen RX3 (ZS250GY-3) at the Pomona Off-Road Expo today

    Interesting bike. 250CC, reasonably light, reasonable price, $3995.00. Interesting to me because there is nothing in that class sold here now.. They are currently awaiting CA CARB approval to begin sales.
  5. Kmrtnsn

    Exploring The California Dunes In A 1973 Land Rover Series III

    A great short little video of a guy's Series III, a great little truck that even makes this Jeep guy want one.