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  1. T-Willy

    4xe actual mileage and range

    Jeep states 4xe achieves 49 MPGe in hybrid mode. That claim is repeated here. But, with a 17.2 gallon tank, its range is 370 miles in hybrid mode--which achieves only ~21.5 MPG. Many have been led to believe that, under hybrid power and 49 MPGe, the 4xe can travel 49 miles for each gallon of...
  2. T-Willy

    Bremach Taos: New Body on Frame, Solid Axle Wagon for US

    An interesting and spartan new offering for the U.S.: Body on frame, solid axles, two-speed transfer case, factory available locker, lift, winch, etc, starting around $26,000. "At $26,405.00* MSRP, the 2022 Bremach TAOS is designed to give owners massive value, immediately. Premium features...
  3. T-Willy

    EVs with solar

    An interesting little video about using solar to power EVs. Imagine an electric touring rig that can recharge itself after two or three days camped at the beach in Mexico.
  4. T-Willy

    LC-70 LHD Concept at Tokyo Auto Salon

    At the Tokyo Auto Salon... Said to be the work of LandCruiser Chief Engineer, Sadayoshi Koyari: Coil spring rear, six-speed manual, heavy duty 9.5-inch differential, and, for those who'd love to see this stateside, LHD...