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    2017 Ford F250 Angry Iron Metalworks edition

    Would you consider selling the truck without the spare tire rack and roof rack system?
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    2020 F250 Lariat Tremor 6.7L Rack and RTT

    Are you in the Butte? If so I’d like to talk.
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    Gap IID Tool: First go.

    Is there a way to turn the tpms off? I went with 18” wheels and never swapped the sensors. The light drives me nuckin futs.
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    Colorado owners thought on the Schofield Pass Road

    Won’t be a problem. Look me up when you’re in CB, I’ll buy you a beer!
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    SOLD - 08 Toyota LandCruiser Overland Built - SoCal

    Pictures of the backend with drawer setup?
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    1996 Land Cruiser - SOLD

    This cruiser is SOLD
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    2001 Sportsmobile EB350 115,000 miles for sale

    Please send pictures to
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    New Price - 1998 Sportsmobile EB v-10 4x4

    I love it, and it's almost what I'm looking for...... I need the forward facing rear bench for my kids. Looks like a great van, good luck!
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    1996 Land Cruiser - SOLD

    Forgot to mention: PHH is done as well as almost every rubber hose in the engine compartment. All with constant tension clamps.
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    1996 Land Cruiser - SOLD

    I have a 96 Toyota Land Cruiser. It has 220K miles. Well maintained and well built for overland travel or daily driving. This is the third 80 series I have owned and by far the best. Only selling because I want to buy a van. Located in Crested Butte, CO. Some of the pictures are with the...
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    2007 Gulf Stream BT Cruiser E-450 chassis 4x4 12k miles $62000

    Same thing that keeps me from pulling the trigger on a couple of vans I've seen, they aren't forward facing. That is a recipe for car sickness in the mountains with kids! GLWS
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    2007 Gulf Stream BT Cruiser E-450 chassis 4x4 12k miles $62000

    Man, this is amazing. I wish it had seating for 4 in seatbelts. I've been looking at vans, but this looks like a great option. I wish it would work for my family. Good Luck!
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    2006 Ford E350 4x4, Sportsmobile top, 3-4 seater, 4 sleeper!

    I assume the answer in no, but is there an interior heater?? Aside from having to run the vehicle
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    Custom trailer for sale

    does it include the tent and awning?
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    Bruder Expedition Campers

    Guy just down the road from me has one and it is amazing. The customer service he has received is also amazing. The owner of the company flew to the US to personally unload it from the container, rented a truck and delivered it to Colorado to do the walk through.
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    Imported Defender question

    I have registered several vehicles from out of state, just didn’t know if it would be different since it’s an import.
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    Imported Defender question

    Thanks! I’ll check with my insurance company for sure. As you guys said, I didn’t really want to call the DMV to ask. Thought I might be poking the bear.
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    Imported Defender question

    I am looking at buying a 1986 Defender RHD diesel. It was imported 3 years ago and currently has an Oregon title. Will I be able to get it titled and registered in Colorado since it now has an Oregon title? Do I need all the import paperwork? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
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    *SOLD* 2006 Tundra DC 4x4

    truck is sold and is now the home base for an awesome climber headed to WY