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    When will a new Macbook Pro be introduced?

    I am needing a new laptop and want to know if I should wait - if a new MBP is coming any time soon. Also, I like the compact 13" MBPro but concerned if there is fan noise. Otherwise, I'll get the 15" MBPro. I have a Macbook and the fan noise is a little annoying. My old Powerbook has no fan...
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    Good 4 man tents? Wife doesn't like the RTT

    Looking for a high quality ground tent. I have a Maggiolina but my wife goes out several times at night and does not like climbing in and out. It is a hassle Please recommend a solid, warm ground tent. Some of my requrements: 1. easy setup 2. not too big- only need to fit 3-4 max. 3. high...
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    For Sale: Yakima gutter mount roofrack-socalif

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    Yakima X-Towers & load bars

    These are the Xterra roof rack mounts. They will clamp onto any tube of same diameter. I have a couple Yakima load bars to include with it- I have shorter and longer ones so depending on your vehicle, I can give you the appropriate length. $60 local socal pickup only
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    Oversize TentCot w/ Rainfly cover

    This is the older flat-top Tentcot oversize. It comes with the Tentcot rainfly (about $35 option). larger than the "original" and smaller than the "double" models. It is good for one person. Comes in this canvas bag. Great condition, no damage. Probably some scratches on the bottom of legs...
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    Jeep Nukizer 715!

    Holy cow that concept is awesome Jeep diesel pickup with a Kaiser front end.
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    2010 Nissan Patrol/QX

    Should do well for the USA market. It will come as the QX w/ a fat chrome grille not sure if they will offer the Nissan version Too bad it's a irs/ifs setup
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    Diesel Wrangler in 2010!

    Among the new diesels Chrysler-Fiat plans to sell will be a diesel Jeep Wrangler scheduled for introduction in the fourth quarter of 2010. A start-stop feature will increase what should already be very good fuel economy and shave 5 percent off its annual CO2 contribution. Chrysler-Fiat...
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    where is the Exofficio thread?

    first closed and now completely deleted? Or has it been moved?
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    Hummer sold to Tengzhong -

    Hummer is now a Chinese company. GM will continue to make Hummers until 2011 in the transition
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    recovery/roof racks/ao fridge slide- garage sale

    all items are local pickup only. **sale pending**-Surco Urban aluminum roof rack $100 (pictured on my old 4Runner) with matching Surco aluminum crossbars. It has a partial, hairline crack in one of the black corner pieces but is not noticable. Been that way since new. few holes drilled in one...
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    I spotted these two sportmobiles at the socal cross race in Bonelli Park yesterday. very cool, anyone own them here?
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    Nissan Patrol coming as 2011 Infiniti QX56

    Looks like Nissan wants to play with the Land Cruiser in the USA finally. I wonder, did they keep the SFA on the Patrol? If so, this is going to be THE coveted SUV!
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    2010 lr4

    I guess this is the new name for the LR3. Curious if they upgraded the suspension! i'm sure someone will get pics of it.
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    New FORD TRANSIT CONNECT - cool delivery van

    You've been asking Ford to do it for years. Yes, bring over all those cool European models and they'll fly off the lots you've told them. Well, Ford was listening, so here you go. Straight from Kocaeli, Turkey, it's the 2010 Ford Transit Connect, a compact commercial van that's just too cool to...
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    Spotted-60 Series brown, Universal Studios Lemmle pkg lot

    saw a brown 60 series w/ baby seat in the back. kaymar rear bumper, arb front i think. expo portal sticker on ds rear window... reindeer sticker on side window..lots of bird crap on the roof... anyone here? pretty cool seeing a cruiserhead
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    FS: Yakima Hitchfork hitch bike rack & Steelheads

    I have a Yakima Hitchfork w/ 3 Boa bike mounts. Rack flips up w/ not in use and fits a 2" reciever hitch. Fits up to 4 bikes (but you need to add a 4th Boa mount) uses standard Yakima round bars so it is compatible w/ other Yak accessories. orig $380 $150 *SOLD* I also have 2 Yakima Steelhead...
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    1979, the intro of the G-wagen. G460 Pics

    Come back with us (and Daimler-Benz) to 1979, the year of Sandinistas, Skylab, the Susan B. Anthony dollar and, oh yeah, the Iran Hostage Crisis. Thirty years ago this month, Mercedes introduced the G-class and damn if they haven't been building those boxes ever since. The company has...
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    Dodge Cummins Vs Duramax Vs Super Duty- which wins?

    Got interested in the diesel pickups and wanted to know overall, which is best? As far as reliability, durability, drivetrain/suspension design and strength. Looking at extra cab or 4 dr shortbeds if that matters Thanks!