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  1. Ludedude

    Death Valley & The Panamints, 2/10 - 2/12 2012 with NVTTORA

    Here are the pics I took: and the following are some highlights from the album. Charlie and I went up a day early on Friday in order to avoid the 5 AM Saturday rush hour from the other folks joining us for the weekend. The high...
  2. Ludedude

    WTS: Edgestar 43Q Fridge/Freezer

    SOLD! I'm selling my used Edgestar 43 quart fridge. This is a real compressor powered fridge/freezer, not a 12v "cooler." 100% working condition on either AC or DC. Keeps stuff cold. Will freeze water even when outside temps are 100F. Cosmetically is has a few scratches and dents from...
  3. Ludedude

    Anyone have experience with RAM-B-316-1-AP8U for iPad?

    2nd mount down on this page: I have an iPad 2 and am looking for a way to mount it in the truck from time to time while off road (I have an in-dash GPS for "street" use). Does anyone have experience with that...