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  1. Kpack

    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    I don't recall what shocks you are running on the rear. I have shocks with adjustable dampeners on the rear, so when my truck is loaded down I crank them up and it dramatically firms up the rear. No sway at all. Normal driving unloaded I run them at position "1" (out of 10). Loaded up I run...
  2. Kpack

    2005 AC Tundra

    Alright, so a couple of questions. First, do you have a place to work on the truck at home? Second, are you okay getting your hands dirty? I ask because almost everything on there can be done yourself. I say that because I did all that and much more to my truck and I had literally zero...
  3. Kpack

    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    My Brute Force bumper is a bit different than @trailscape, with mine being a single swing-out and high clearance. All else is the same. They both mount to the same factory mounting holes. I might be able to answer some of your questions. Side view showing overall dimensions of the front and...
  4. Kpack

    Hanzos 2007 RCSB Tundra Build

    Spray cans. I bought a pack of 6 on Amazon a couple years back. I use two to do the whole frame. So after this next set I need to buy more. -Kevin
  5. Kpack

    Hanzos 2007 RCSB Tundra Build

    I'm huge Fluid Film fan. I've been applying it for a few years now and my frame stays nearly perfect all winter. Unfortunately I ran out of time to do it this year, so my frame isn't as clean as it has been. I'm going to clean and touch it up in the spring, then be sure to do another round of...
  6. Kpack


    My dad has had a '95 T100 for probably 20 years now. Well over 300K miles on it currently. It's been all over the western US and Baja, much of it on pavement and much of it on very primitive roads or no roads. A few major things had to be addressed during that time....head gasket once...
  7. Kpack

    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Thanks guys for taking a look and enjoying the thread. Hopefully it's been helpful for you. I'm still enjoying the truck, just didn't get out on the trails as much as I wanted to this year. I've been doing routine maintenance on it when I can....oil change with Mobile 1, wire wheeling and...
  8. Kpack

    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    I've never seen one of the ARB bumpers up close on a Tundra, but I have heard secondhand that they are kind of "jiggly". They stick out very far. I'm unfamiliar with the 4x4Labs bumper, so can't help there. I believe the Addicted Offroad bumper has to be welded in. The Brute Force Fab...
  9. Kpack

    Mohawk Dave's 2004 Sequoia - Athena

    Nicely done so far. Your fab skills look impressive, especially on the LCA. A couple of questions just because I'm curious. What's the reason behind doing heim joints on the UCA's? Never seen or heard of that done before, and all experiences I've heard of with stock setup and polyurethane...
  10. Kpack

    Leveling / lifting a Tundra -- will this hinder off road performance?

    I'm with bkg.....not sure I understand what is being asked here. If you're asking if you really need a suspension lift to go out on trails the answer is "it depends". It depends on what trails you are doing, what you are carrying, what your goals are, etc. Plenty of people use stock rigs on...
  11. Kpack

    Lifted my 2004 Tundra 3" - wanting to get bigger tires and need some advice...

    285/75-16 (or 17) can be run on a fairly stock rig. You'll need rims that push the wheel/tire out from the truck a bit to clear the stock upper control arms. Otherwise, the tires will rub it. Easiest way to go is a wheel with 4.5" backspacing. Many of those available. Be aware that the...
  12. Kpack

    2002 Sequoia Limited 4WD

    Nice. You still have those magnetic lights for close-in work anyways, right?
  13. Kpack

    2002 Sequoia Limited 4WD

    The front looks good. Nice throw and reach. I think it would be worth moving the side lights to angle them down. As they sit now the area immediately around the truck is unusable during the night. I would think that angling them down will allow you to work next to the truck as well as throw...
  14. Kpack

    What are you hunting for on Prime day for your yota?

    I've looked at it in the past but 95% of what I saw was literal junk. Never saw anything that I really needed. That was a couple years ago and I haven't bothered to look since, so maybe it's better now?
  15. Kpack

    2002 Sequoia Limited 4WD

    Hmm. I'm going to have to look into this. My factory antenna was broken off before I got the truck and I haven't tried replacing it. Looks like my threads might be stripped not sure if anything will work.
  16. Kpack

    BudgetEverything’s Tundra Overland....thing.... build.

    Two reasons I don't want a hard bed shell is 1.) I use the bed all the time for hauling things, and 2.) I roll down the back window all the time. I've always been interested in the soft topper because it allows me to continue to the bed like I've been doing. I'm interested to hear of your...
  17. Kpack

    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    Thanks for taking a look. That was my hope....that somehow my experiences would be able to help others with their builds. Glad to know that it's helping. I haven't been able to hit any trails for a month, and the season is quickly coming to a close. I really need to get back out there.
  18. Kpack

    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    Agreed. If you are using the truck off road then the suspension will cycle through full up and down. Rubbing is not a problem with suspension, it is a problem with alignment, tire size, wheel offset, and the size of the wheel well. Good alignment will solve much of the problem, but it is...
  19. Kpack

    Old Man Emu - Tundra Lift - 2"? More like 4"!

    I would add all the stuff you are going to add (camper, bumper, equipment, etc) and see where the ride height ends up. What you don't want to do is go with softer springs, then realize you made a mistake and end up having to change them again. A rear swing-out bumper is heavy, and puts even...
  20. Kpack

    Old Man Emu - Tundra Lift - 2"? More like 4"!

    I see you have a RCLB. I wonder what the difference in weight is between that and the more common double cab variants? It's possible the OME springs were set for the DC trucks, which would give yours more lift if it was lighter. Typically springs will settle over time but probably not enough...