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    Canyonlands White Rim Trail

    Just returned from several days on White Rim Trail (15 thru 18 Apr 07). White Rim trail is in very good repair right now. Gas available at 313 - 191 junction. Moab is filled with jeeps. They've had rain and we had a few thunder showers. There are a great many flowers in bloom and the...
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    Here are some pictures of a handy b-b-q addition. It turns out that a 16" wok just fits perfectly into a Webber b-b-q if the handles are cut off and re-welded in the vertical position. This makes it easy to transport if you are already carrying a Webber. The wok was obtained from...
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    Canyonland's White Rim - gas? (Apr '07)

    I'm planning White Rim in a couple of weeks. It's a hundred miles. My Jeep carries 20 gal and gets 16 mi/gal on pavement. How close to start of trail is the last gas? Anyone have a mpg estimate based on experience? Thanks!
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    Home made rooftop tent for XJ

    (SOMEHOW THE PICTURES AT THE START OF THIS THREAD HAVE VANISHED.... THEY START AGAIN aT PAGE 7 IN THE THREAD. PLEASE START THERE) Here's a home made roof top tent for XJ. My basic objective is to carry 4 people over dirt tracks and modest rocks thru 3 days with all food, water, shelter...
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    Propane 1 pound tank - want to adapt a regulator

    I have a propane stove designed to be fed propane from a regulated source, like a BBQ tank. I have room in my vehicle only for the small 1 pound tanks such as are used with small coleman stoves or lanterns. Does anyone know where I can purchase an adaptor that will screw onto the 1# tank and...