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  1. DaveInDenver

    Feds to open Utah’s national parks to ATVs
  2. DaveInDenver

    San Rafael Swell - Emery County, UT - Wilderness Designation and Closures Several new Wilderness areas are being proposed in the San Rafael Swell that will close roughly 74 miles of unimproved historic and mining roads. The Emery County commissioners voted to support the bill, which is part of S.47 in the Senate. Their...
  3. DaveInDenver

    Garmin BaseCamp Organization

    Since I'm on a Mac I have to use BaseCamp and it's generally workable. But the "My Collection" catalog is frustrating. My main issue is that you can't have objects of the same name in multiple lists, e.g. you can't reuse names for waypoints since they are really just pointers in the lists to...
  4. DaveInDenver

    Swivel Hoist Rings

    I've seen swivel hoisting rings used on bumpers, wondering what people think of them as a recovery point? It looks like typically a 7/8" ring is rated for 8,000 lbs W.L.L. and they are often overhead lifting rated, which makes me feel...
  5. DaveInDenver

    Tablets with robust power connector

    Looking for tablets that have robust power connectors, either improved USB or ideally something dedicated. I know about the Toughpads but $1500 isn't anywhere in the budget. So any recommendations or tablets that have proved not to develop power connector issues? I'm not super pleased with...
  6. DaveInDenver

    Garmin Basecamp and GEO JPG

    I've been trying to figure out a problem with Basecamp that when I import a KMZ that is a collection of geolocated JPEGs they lose resolution. If I import the KMZ into Google Earth it looks fine, all the detail is present. Wondering if there's a setting or something I'm missing about Basecamp...
  7. DaveInDenver

    SPOT Coupon (2/3/17 - 2/14/17)

    Open in browser:
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    Old Warn XD9000 Rebuild

    Starting to tear into a needed rebuild of my old XD9000. Ran into some questions that will require Warn help I think, but wanted to throw it out to see if anyone has any info. Winch works fine but it needs grease and some paint. So I'll potentially need gaskets, o-rings, that sort of thing...
  9. DaveInDenver

    Vehicle Wire Color Standards

    There are many standards for low voltage wiring and even some that specify the color used. As far as I know, though, there's not a unified SAE for vehicles. But the convention for accessories is red is +12V and black is battery return. The British BS-AU7 depreciates red to a switched use...
  10. DaveInDenver

    Boring Hams Talking About The Weather

    In a now closed thread several times it was derisively mentioned about crusty old hams just talking about the weather. This does happen, but it's no different than sitting in a bar talking about the NFL or around a campfire talking about lockers or at the coffee machine at work talking about...
  11. DaveInDenver

    Photo of GPS at Interesting Lat/Long

    Thought some of you would get a kick from this photo a buddy of mine took.
  12. DaveInDenver

    Joshua Tree UClimb

    Got this link in a Mountain Gear email. Don't known anything about UClimb, but they have a beginner's clinic in Joshua Tree in early Feb. Might be a good event for some of you in SoCal to learn to climb...
  13. DaveInDenver

    Moab Trails Put at Risk by Drilling Leases

    In the interest of being hit full force, there are trail conflicts out in Moab but this time it's not the evil environmentalist. Rather it's the evil oil & gas interests. Write letters everyone! Action Alert For Immediate...
  14. DaveInDenver

    USA-ALL and SUWA

    A member of my 4WD club (Rising Sun 4WD of Colorado) posted this today on our club mailing list. I thought it is poignant and so I wanted to forward it here. Not to force the political issue, but the honest truth is that with a Democrat-controlled government we really do need to watch groups...
  15. DaveInDenver

    IPF 200mm Headlights

    I've been running Hella Vision Plus headlights and I've been happy with them. But one of them got a big crack from an errant rock and needs to be replaced. A couple of people now have told them that they love their IPF 7" round headlights and both of them have used the Hella housing...
  16. DaveInDenver

    Tour de France coverage

    So what are you guys doing about watching the race? We don't have cable or anything, so I usually watch the other races via or event feeds (the Tour of California had excellent daily live web coverage this year, but then again I don't personally have a problem with Frankie as a color...
  17. DaveInDenver

    OME Leaf Springs for 89-95 XtraCab Trucks

    OME offers two sets of springs: Medium, CS019R, 3 main + 3 overload, rated for 1.75" over zero to GVW payload Heavy, CS020R, 4 main + 3 overload, rated for 2.25" over 440 lbs to GVW payload I'm in need of new springs because my old ones gave up recently and broke. They were 4 main + 1 massive...
  18. DaveInDenver

    USA-made Red Wing Boots

    Many of their boots are totally US-made, some are US-made with imported materials. The following styles are 100% USA-made. Soft Toe Styles 6 inch 2156, 875, 595, 952, 202, 606, 607, 676, 996, 963, 953, 453, 1425,1907, 8173, 8138, 9011, 9014, 2917, 2916, 9003, 9004 8 inch 402, 998, 931...
  19. DaveInDenver

    Local Repeaters

    Finally got software to program my radio. While setting up the file from the ARRL repeater guide for SLC, Utah & northern Nevada, I remember how many are listed for Denver and of those the relatively smaller number that I would consider heavily monitored at any time. Say there's 40 combined 2m...
  20. DaveInDenver

    Fast Trike!

    Guy threw down an awesome aerotrike TT at the '08 Tour of California. YouTube video...