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    Metsa Wood Large Plywood Panels

    ...or you could just make sandwich panels in whatever size you need, save a bunch of weight and keep wood out of your camper. :D Talk to anyone who has an old (10 - 15 years in age or older), camper, boat or trailer with wood and ask how it is holding up. I am astonished that people still build...
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    Ram 5500 Fire Crew Carrier Overlanding Camper Build

    Barn door-style track with a skateboard or roller blade wheel in the channel works a treat. The bearings are sealed and the wheels/bearings will take the weight of the tire easily. Drawer slides are not meant to be exposed to the elements and will soon fail. Uni-Strut and C-Channel are both good...
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    Help - Insuring Freightliner FL60 Ambulance

    Buzzzz... get a super cheap or limited policy and go off road, use your vehicle for business, slap a big, heavy camper on the back, install $5,000 worth of stereo equipment or do any number of other things that you did not tell the insurance company about and you could be personally liable for...
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    custom camper examples

    As posted on Page 6 of this thread, a MalTec-built, Gelandewagen-based camper:
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    My new Volvo TGB 1314

    Do either of you guys have an overall height measurement, preferably from the top of the box, sans roof rack? What tires/size are you running and did you upgrade the suspension in any way to handle the diesel engine or other mods that you have in the works?
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    What is the limiting factour on the White Rim Trail, an overhanging rock? That part of the country is wide open, so I cannot imagine what other obstacle one would encounter there. Would a high roof Sprinter (10' OAH) clear or do you need a pickup with a camper on the back to clear?
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    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    Wild camping is not the problem; ******** head people are the problem.
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    MB 1120 Coming to America! Sign up and start reading.
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    Fuso Truck Assembly

    This sub-seven minute compilation video shows Fuso assembly at several plants around the world.
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    FUSO FG cab extension - any thoughts? (2004)

    Cut to good clean metal, grind paint away and weld or bond like thickness and grade of material over the hole you cut. Round edges on everything, sharp corners propagate stress fractures. If you know someone who can butt weld, cut an odd shaped hole to clean metal, make a metal template, butt...
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    integrated compact truck in the us

    A camper on the back of a quarter ton pickup is a really bad idea. These small trucks are made for going to Home Depot, carrying mountain bikes and going to the mall. I am a firm believer in Toyota quality and have owned multiple Toyota cars and trucks over the last 25 years. With the exception...
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    Time Lapse Build

    Riley and Courtney have done a great job of documenting their build and you can see each segment of it here: IIRC, the sandwich panels consists of aluminum tubing, XPS foam, alloy sheeting and FRP, all bonded with 5200 or similar. The heater is a knock-off diesel-fired model, but I am not...
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    8x8 Man Kat

    An MAN KAT1 is a terrible platform for overlanding, as are most large commercial trucks or military vehicles. They are loud, uncomfortable and terrible on fuel. They are meant to be maintained by a fleet of mechanics, not the DIYer. If you want to see the country, buy a reliable SUV (Toyota or...
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    Kenworth K270/K370 and Peterbilt Model 200 4x4 Conversion and Misc Questions

    Contact Sound Deadener Showdown for info on how to properly sound deaden a cab. Hint: covering every square inch in DynaMat is NOT the answer. Different products are required to attenuate different frequencies and when installed properly, these products will significantly reduce time, weight and...
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    Switching from Ford E-Series to FC/cabover (like Sportsmobile to Earthcruiser 4x4)?

    Unicell boxes do not use a 'core' as far as I know. They are moulded, one-piece, fiberglass shells that are finished by the end user, upfitter or body builder. Due to this design, squeaks and rattles are ameliorated, however thick fiberglass is heavy and has damn near zero noise abatement or...
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    GEO-cab German Carbon Fiber Truck Camper

    rruff has it right. Working with carbon isn't that difficult and it certainly isn't the uber-exotic material that it once was. XPS foam, carbon fiber cloth and epoxy resin to build a 16' x 8' x 8' box, costs less than 10 grand USD. In a market where multi-hundred thousand dollar campers, many of...
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    Technical Review: Adhesives & Sealants

    I saved this in my notes a few years ago and came across it to looking for shear strength numbers. It is geared towards the marine environment, but the article has quite a bit of good info. Getting the right product for the right job, is key. Don't just buy what is at Home Depot because it's on...
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    FUSO FG cab extension - any thoughts? (2004)

    Doug Hackney cracked two Fuso frames in half, IIRC. Referencing another thread in this category, air ride seats are not a substitute for proper truck suspension and fitting such, to allow one to travel 'comfortably' is simply not a viable option, IMO. Undertaking something so monumental as a cab...
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    Frame flex and type and kind of spring?

    Getting back to the original premise: Suspension tuning is an art, and one that is made more difficult to practise when your chassis/frame flexes considerably or when it is topped with a box flopping around, undamped. While this behaviour is exacerbated by amplitude, it exists at all speeds and...
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    Frame flex and type and kind of spring?

    I do not disagree one bit, sir. Look again at the desert racing world. You don't need 3.5" triple bypass shocks on your FG, but you do need to steal a bit of that tech and keep your shocks from over heating on a wash board road.