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    Fuso Truck Assembly

    This sub-seven minute compilation video shows Fuso assembly at several plants around the world.
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    Technical Review: Adhesives & Sealants

    I saved this in my notes a few years ago and came across it to looking for shear strength numbers. It is geared towards the marine environment, but the article has quite a bit of good info. Getting the right product for the right job, is key. Don't just buy what is at Home Depot because it's on...
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    The 2021 Ram TRX Review

    In an effort to offer constructive criticism and to make the board a better place, let us take a look at the recently posted article entitled, "The 2021 Ram TRX Review". I have long been a critic of Chrysler products and of the poor writing that passes for 'web journalism' these days...
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    2015 Diesel Grand Cherokee - 26 MPG

    I am listing this for a friend, who is also a member here. His contact information is below. I have ridden in and driven this vehicle. It is in excellent condition. 2015 DIESEL Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4WD with 117,377 miles includes Tow Package, Black leather heated seats, heated steering...
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    Car Paint Colors & Temperatures

    Car Paint Color Temperatures Test Test conducted November 22nd, 2019 at 2:30 pm 76 degrees Fahrenheit, direct sun, no clouds Jacksonville, Florida at a Ford dealership New/clean cars, not driven, sitting on dealer lot in the sun A hand-held thermometer "laser gun" was used to scan several areas...
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    Overland Journal's Shelf Stable Meal Test

    Being a life-long outdoorsman, backpacker, mountain biker, and health-conscious minimalist, I was somewhat disappointed after reading the following article. Can we really not figure out how to preserve healthy, great tasting...
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    MB Truck & Unimog Magazine

    A nice collection of articles written about some well-known builders and suppliers, can be found here:
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    UK to ZA and back - 25,000 km (1959)

    for those who are boaters, the YouTube channel has a few MY travel videos, as well.
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    What Happened to Rebel-Zilla?

    The original build thread has been completely removed from the board. It was located here:!-Rebelzilla-by-Rebel-Off-Road/page15 There is a partial build thread here, with some images that I do not recall seeing on Expo, but...
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    Who will be the first?

    Beginning in March 2018, the new FTR will be produced with Isuzu's 4HK1-TC (5.2L), which is mated to an Allison 2550 RDS transmission. Instead of the NPR's rating of 215 HP and 452 foot pounds of torque, the FTR has 215 HP and 520 foot pounds of torque. So, this engine CAN be tuned, albeit by...
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    2016 Australian Four Wheel Driving Highlights Ronny has a great channel if you like Aussie Landcruisers
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    Navistar SOTV-B

    looks like it has Toyota headlights to me :D
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    Fuso Composite Camper - Under Construction

    For the last few weeks, I have been helping a friend of mine build this camper box in his shop. We are planning to bring it to OvEx in a few weeks and park it in the Featured Vehicle area. This is a bit of a side project for us, so it may take a while to complete and updates may be infrequent...
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    Tulsa man builds 70 foot sailboat in his front yard

    Plans to sail the world doing marine research and working wherever his travels take him. He cast his own propellers, poured 10,000 pounds of molten lead into the keels that he harvested over a three year period from wheel weights. He built his own blast furnace, ROV, rain water catchment system...
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    Great Vario Camper Van Foundation I don't know what these go for in the UK, but it seems like a lot of truck for the money IMO.
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    Dutch MAN Camper Documentary

    Top notch construction, well thought out and executed. May be a bit large depending on your travel plans, but it certainly has everything on offer: Exterior Review: Interior Review:
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    New Zealand Merino Wool

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to share with you a most excellent experience. I recently ordered a half dozen items from two companies in NZ, Ecowool and Swazi. Both provided excellent customer service, pricing and communication and the products are just fantastic, especially...
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    A technological marvel and yet such a complete waste of time, money and resources. Built by the same man who created MaxiMog, which, if I recall correctly, never went anywhere other than media events and ended up in a museum:
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    Loose Caboose - An Ambulance Build

    Some specs and details here: and a video, for those with ADD: