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  1. washington taco

    Where did you mount your HAM radio in your first gen Taco?

    I am pulling the trigger on a Yaesu FTM-100DR this weekend and wanted to see pictures of you HAM install in a first gen Taco. Please be as detailed as possible on your installation, including antenna type/mount, location of radio an head until. I will be installing this a couple weeks for a two...
  2. washington taco

    Replacement 3.4 5vz-fe

    I have been tossing ideas around of what to do for my next truck and the thought of a $32-35,000 next gen Taco seems a bit spendy. Yes I could buy used but would still be looking at $26-29,000 for a few year old TRD. So if I was going to keep my very well maintained 2000 Tacoma (that I bought...
  3. washington taco

    First Gen Taco transfercase overhaul rebuild

    I have over 300,000 miles on my 2000 Tacoma and have a little noise coming from the input shaft bearing and plan on sending my transmission to Marlin Crawler for a rebuild. The question I have is what have you done with your transfercase? After talking to Marlin and Safari LTD they stated...
  4. washington taco

    Front steering/suspension rebuild

    After racking up 285,000 miles I am starting to collect front suspension/steering parts and was curious if any one has used this Safari-ltd stearing rack? The plan is to replace the rack and pinion, lower A arm bushings with poly bushings, lower ball joints...
  5. washington taco

    Pastime hard side camper

    I have a 2000 Tacoma that has 5 inches of lift and currently running 315/75/17 but will be down sizing to 255/85/16. I have the opportunity to purchase a 2002 Pastime hard side camper for ($2500). The current owner uses a stock 2002 Taco to hual it and has no issues. I will only be using it on...
  6. washington taco

    Borla cat back exhaust

    Has anyone installed a Borla cat back exhaust on their first gen Taco? I tried a Magnaflo but it did not fit and in the process of a refund. Thought I might try a Borla. The Magnaflo didn't position the aft O2 sensor in the proper location and was to short and not bent correctly. This will be...
  7. washington taco

    Rustoleum Hammered Spray Paint

    I have new CBI sliders coming for my Taco soon (bolt on).:) They are bare steel and I am debating between powder coat and Rustoleum Hammered spray paint. I know with the paint I can do touch ups when ever I need. What is the long term duribilty of the Hammered paint? How does it look say after a...
  8. washington taco

    Need a push!

    I am thinking of trading in my long time friend! I have a 2000 Taco with 263,000 miles. Looking at getting a 2006 Tundra access cab TRD with 65,000 miles. I am the one and only owner of the Taco and realize I may be driving on barrowed time. What do you think? Was planing on replacing it in less...
  9. washington taco

    Flippac winter use

    Who uses there flippac in the winter? I am talking MT cold and snow! I would like to use one for hopping from resort to resort and having a warn place to crash at the end of the day. I know heavy snow would require me to close it.
  10. washington taco

    Fuel pump replacement

    I have a 2000 Tacoma that has 257,000 miles. I currently have NO issues!! Just trying to stay ahead of trouble. Now to the question, who has changed the fuel pump on there Tacoma and what was the approximate milage? Curious if I should just go ahead and replace it. I have owned the truck since...
  11. washington taco

    How much?

    What is a 1997 80 series worth? How much should I pay? It has 155,000 miles good to excellant condition. No rust clean interior with on tear on the drivers seat. What expected maintenance would need to be performed right away? Possible trade my 2000 Taco for this.:coffee:
  12. washington taco

    Hi lift jack

    Just ordered a Hi Lift extreme 60" jack. What accesories would you buy? I have a 2000 Taco stock bumpers with recovery hooks added to the rear. I need this as my do all recovery/trail repair lift. Sugestions please!
  13. washington taco

    Tie rods and rack bushings

    I was informed on Friday by the mechanic doing my front end alingement that I need new rack bushings and a left tie rod. The parts from them was about 120.00 and labor was 230.00:Wow1: So what has everyone been using for parts? I have no intention of having them install any thing. I am willing...
  14. washington taco

    Maintenace Items

    Lately I have been concerned with two maintenance issues on the horrizon. My 2000 Taco has 230,000 miles on it, actualy more since I never corrected my speed/odometer and running 315 75 R17. The fuel pump and clutch are the items I am concerned with. What has been the trend out there in expo...
  15. washington taco

    Pelican alternitive

    At my work we have numerous calibrated tools (aviation) and need to store them accordingly. Today I discovered a alternitive to Pelican cases, the brand is Doskocil. A quik Google search found then to be less expensive than Pelican and made in the good old USA. So if your looking to protect your...
  16. washington taco

    2010 Toyota Tundra work truck.

    Thoughts on the 2010 Tundra work truck regular cab 8' bed 4X4 as expo vehicle. ARB list bull bars and lockers are available as well as suspension. Does any one have any experience with the newer body style Tundra? Lifts, wheel/tires, lockers ect, ect. What real world fuel economy are you getting...
  17. washington taco

    First good good camera

    Considering purchase of Olympus SP 565UZ. 10MP 20X opticle zoom, not a SLR but at 260.00 delivered a decent value. Feed Back please!?:coffeedrink:
  18. washington taco

    Major diferance between 4 runner and GX470?

    What are the major diferances between the 4 Runner and the Lexus GX 470? Will the after market mods fit? Lift kits, bumpers and such.
  19. washington taco

    Best/largest battery

    What is the largest single battery for 2000 Taco? I want to replace my battery and do not want to install a dual system as I intend to only drive this vehicle two more years and dont want to sink alot of money in a dual system. I have been fine with a factory size battery but have recently added...