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  1. RandyP

    Jeep '03 TJ DC Corp Technical Service Bulletins.

    I have an '03 TJ and am looking for the TSB related to the Cat Converter Pre-Heater emissions monitor reset. I think it has to do with the wiring in the Power Distribution Center and voltage drop caused by high current in that circuit that is not supported by sufficient bus/wire size to supply...
  2. RandyP

    Small 12v 100AH LiFePO4 battery system for use in a camper

    I am considering a small 12v 100AH LiFePO4 system for use in a camper. In the past I had a popup camper with Two 125AH Lifeline AGM Battery. Used a RedArc DC-DC with solar controller battery charger, Bogart TM1025 Monitor, two 130W 17v photo cells, an IOTA dc converter with three stage battery...
  3. RandyP

    Four Wheel Camper Hawk 2007 for sale

    2007 Hawk FWC for sale. Lots of exras Located in CA as seen in Craigslist posting RandyP
  4. RandyP

    Any suggestions for a single solar panel, 12v system, 100+ watts

    I have space for a 36"x80" solar panel on top of my 4WC camper. Would like to Increase wattage greater than the 80w panel I use now. Any suggestions? The more watts, the better.
  5. RandyP

    Which shore charger for one Lifeline GPL-31XT 12v battery

    I have a 125 AH Lifeline GPL-31XL battery in the 4WD camper, 80 W solar cell, Redarc BCDC 1225 25A in vehicle 3-stage 12v charger. The Redarc includes a MPPT solar controler. There is a relay to select solar cell or vehicle battery as the Redarc power supply. I am satisfied with the off-shore...