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  1. MattScott

    Thoughts on the Truckhouse Tacoma expedition camper...

    I cannot support something that will be this far over GVWR.
  2. MattScott

    New Carbon Fiber EarthRoamer

    I bought my ER at 30, and I don't work in tech. I just work hard.
  3. MattScott

    Overland Explorer Expedition Cabin on 2020 Ford F350

    This is a great build! I love how even your rear axle is within the range of an E-rated tire.
  4. MattScott

    Winnebago EKKO

    I see a lot of people comparing the features of vehicles 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x the price to the Winnebago Ekko. Surprisingly, it won't come out ontop...I wonder why... It could be interesting to get one to review for OJ or Expedition Portal. I have to say that Winnebago's effort with the Revel...
  5. MattScott

    Winnebago EKKO

    Looks like an interesting option
  6. MattScott

    MPT-81 tire siping

    I think this is a great idea with the MPT81, and something I was just researching myself with this tire. I wonder what the long-term benefits are going to be for tire wear.
  7. MattScott

    2017 G550 - Tire Options

    Thanks for sharing that.
  8. MattScott

    SOLD: FS: 2008 Earthroamer XV-LT

    This is a great vehicle from a great seller.
  9. MattScott

    Group Buy: MaxTrax

    To clarify on this, we won't be doing another group buy, anywhere, for about another 6-12 months. I have only authorized one other group buy previously, so don't hold your breath!
  10. MattScott

    Arizona: 1991 Land Cruiser 1HDT HDJ81 (Fully Built For Travel)

    No one was wasting my time, I just don't think I want to sell it. I'm too far deep into this vehicle financially to let it go right now, I'll just wait a year or two for 80s to appreciate more.
  11. MattScott

    Group Buy: MaxTrax

    We had a small issue with the code timing out at the start of today, rather than the end of today. Everything should be good now. Thanks for the orders. Anything on backorder should be cleared shortly, we are awaiting a shipment from Australia that has already cleared customs.
  12. MattScott

    Arizona: 1991 Land Cruiser 1HDT HDJ81 (Fully Built For Travel)

    I'll leave it up, but I've decided to not sell the vehicle.
  13. MattScott

    Arizona: 1991 Land Cruiser 1HDT HDJ81 (Fully Built For Travel)

    I'll respond with my worst fuel economy, which is doing 80+ mph in Utah. In those conditions I see 17-18. RPM and speed are what kill fuel economy. We saw 25 one tank in Baja, where we were cruising on Mex 1.
  14. MattScott

    Arizona: 1991 Land Cruiser 1HDT HDJ81 (Fully Built For Travel)

    Pictures HERE! I spared no-expense building this vehicle, and due to my vehicle ADD, I’ve decided to move onto a sports car and this must go. The concept behind it was the “ultimate” travel machine, built to tackle any terrain thrown at it, while still being comfortable on the highway and...
  15. MattScott

    Maxtrax Xtreme

    MAXTRAX Xtreme is available for purchase at this link:
  16. MattScott

    What do you use for deflating your tires?

    I'll chime in here to selflessly promote a new tool we're importing . Indeflate is an all-in-one unit that inflates and deflates two tires at once, rapidly, while balancing tire pressures between the two. Made in South Africa, includes a few accessories (such as a hook to hang it and a quick...
  17. MattScott

    Maxtrax Xtreme

    Matt from Adventure Imports here, we're the US importers for MAXTRAX. I just spoke with our production manager in Australia today. We have the robot set up to insert the teeth into the mould as of this week and should start production in March. They've been thoroughly tested with dozens of...