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  1. 2X4TACOMA

    YAMAHA XT250

    So I've been itching to get a dual sport. I have wanted one for a while. But never needed one. And I still don't need one. I have been looking at the Yamaha XT250 and or the Honda CRF 250L. I'm leaning towards the XT 250 because I can stand flat footed on the bike and I guess the color... The...
  2. 2X4TACOMA

    Toy Hauler Teardrop Trailer

    Anyone know anything about these? Its a Little Guy Sport 6-Wide. I'm thinking of getting rid of my RTT set up and going this route. Good or Bad? I'm told they stopped making them in 2013 I guess. Anyone know where to find one? The RTT set up now on my trailer lets me haul my quad if I needed to...
  3. 2X4TACOMA

    RTT Self-inflation/Deflation Mattress

    Anyone know anything about this? Is it worth it? Any other companies make these and in the US? I have a difficult time closing up the tent with the sleeping bags in it. Only done it once or twice. Its such a pain I don't even try to close the tent up with the sleeping bags anymore. This was...