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    Have you made your own DIY propane hose for a camp stove?

    Just curious if it's easy to make a hose that replaces the typical 1lb hose adapter? Is the threaded portion (circled in red) a standard thread of some sort? I see that Camp Chef has something like this.
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    Free Pico chair bag

    Let me know if you could use this bag for your chair before I give it away. It's a little dirty so it needs to be washed but otherwise it's in fine shape. The chair suffered a malfunction and GCI sent out a brand new one after they saw pictures of me destroying the old one. I still have the...
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    Parking brake lever, not used!

    I have this lever that's been sitting on the shelf for a year or so and I'd like it to go to someone for their trailer build. I've sold that camper and have no need for it. This is a brand new parking brake handle and can be used for trailers or any equipment. The measurements are in the...
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    **** SOLD *****Albuquerque - a pair of GCI outdoors Pico compact aluminum folding camp chair

    Up for sale is a pair of Pico compact aluminum folding camp chair with carry bags. They are in excellent condition, and fully operational. I always made sure to wipe the legs clean before putting them away. They are very light and really supportive, up to 250lbs. Selling because I need a...
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    Foam replacement for RTTs - lessons learned

    Hello fellow RTT habitants, Yesterday I had the pleasure of FINALLY swapping out the factory 2.5" foam out of my Autohome Columbus Variant for a 3" foam from my local foam/fabric supplier. I wanted to share with you what I learned from this experience. Joshua came out to the parking lot and...
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    ***** SOLD ****2002 Kamparoo Weekender Transcontinental Pak - with mods!

    It's time to let my Roo go to another family who will enjoy it as much as we did. Our daughter pretty much grew up in this camper, starting with a pack n play to an adult size cot. I got another camper pretty much just like the Kamparoo with some improvements and don't have a need for both...
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    Trying to come up with an elegant way to attach this ladder to my RTT

    I'd like to find a cool way to connect the top of my ladder to the Autohome RTT. I'm thinking using a simple pin system to connect the ladder to the receiving system, which will be bolted to the side of the lower part of my RTT. Please let me know if you have ideas for the receiver system!
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    Fresh water tank drain hole not threaded!

    Hello all, I have a 20g fresh water tank and I'd like to be able to drain it using a valve or a spigot. I see a hole at the bottom of the tank and it inset by about an inch. Problem is, I don't see any type of threading so that leaves me with obtaining a plug of some sort. If you have any...
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    TREG receiver question

    My new to me 2013 Adrenaline camper has this TREG receiver piston deal that moves in/out during braking. My assumption is that it has the optional surge braking capability. If you don't want the surge braking, you can lock out the piston by a simple flip of the lockout lever (in circle). Is...
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    Looking for a bulkhead connector that does solar AND 120vac

    I'm not wanting to penetrate my beautifully crafted all alum tongue box with two mondo holes if I can help it. Does anyone know of a bulkhead waterproof connector that can be used for solar panel connection and 120vac connection? Sort of like combining the two below into a single unit, if such...
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    iKamper discount codes anyone?

    Anyone got a discount code for purchasing from the iKamper website? TIA.
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    Adding fresh water tank level indicator

    I'm curious if anyone has retrofitted a fresh water tank for level indications. I see one style that uses four sensors which require you to drill four holes on the side of your tank but are there any other kits that are less invasive? I have a 20g tank that I'd like to know the level or % of...
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    Adrenaline camper owners, post up here!!!

    Hello all, I just picked up a 2013 Adrenaline Rush camper from Montrose, CO yesterday and looking for other owners to post up their trailers along with the mods. I haven't see many threads on this short production run of a trailer so I figured on starting a new thread. This trailer is...
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    The storage net in my Columbus is pregnant and sagging :-(

    Has anyone replaced their elastic storage net thing due to age and sag? I was going to hit Amazon but wanted to check with y'all first! Authome has nothing on their website under accessories. Thanks.
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    Dobinson Twin Tube rear shocks for Toyota 4Runner, Lexus GX470

    Up for sale is a pair of Dobinson Twin Tube rear shocks for Toyota 4Runner, Lexus GX470. These were purchased on Oct 2017 and removed on May 2018. I removed them because I didn't like the ride they provided for my '03 4runner which has no cargo weight or a rear bumper. I feel that if you have...
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    2014 Kimberly Kamper Platinum (eBay, NOT MINE!)

    In case some of you are looking for a KK. Again, this is NOT MINE, just saw it on Ebay.
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    Front Runner 10g footwell water tank in an 80 series

    Hey fellas, Have any of you mounted the above footwell tank in the second row of your 80? If so, I'd like some feedback on it. Are you able to move your front electric seats all the way to the rear w/o hitting the tank? Does the saddle tank pose any issues? I figured, once the water level...
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    WTB - TREG polyblock receiver/coupler with parking brake handle

    Let me know if anyone has a line on one of these in the USA. I have the TREG receiver w/o the hand brake option and rather than install a separate hand brake, I was hoping to find an elegant solution like what TREG offers. Thanks.
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    2016 Montero needs air lift air bags, need help with sourcing

    Hiya fellas, I'm never on this forum since I don't own a Mits but a friend of a friend is swinging through Albuquerque today with a 2016 Montero. They're returning home to MEX and picked up a Moby in UT I guess. Their rear end is sagging and I've offered to install the bags for them. Trouble...
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    Kamparo owners, need some info on this adjustment please

    Hey fellas, Do you ever adjust this piece when setting up or tearing down? This is on the center bow and there seems to be a hole only on one of the center vertical pole, not sure why the pole on the opposite side has no hole in it. Moving the adjustment to this hole does seem to tighten up...