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  1. XXXpedition

    35" spare tire on stock carrier?

    does anybody have long term experience? will the tail gate sag, any cracks due to the weight? thx in advance! sven
  2. XXXpedition

    JK roof padding

    a while back i saw a post with a black roof padding for the hardtop unlimited. i can't find the post anymore... can somebody please tell me which company (i believe a canadian one) offered that? i'd appreciate it... thx sven
  3. XXXpedition

    garmin gps III plus

    i run a garmin gps III plus for general info next to my other unit. lately it has been shutting off due to lack of battery... although it is plugged into the cigarette lighter it draws power from the batteries. anybody has a clue why??? any help/ideas appreciated! thanks sven
  4. XXXpedition

    The European City Adventure Thread

    well, it's not really adventure, not an expedition either (so if moderators feel it should be moved, please do), but i thought we are exploring so much of europe (and there is not much 'outback') it might still be interesting for some of you to follow us along... we have started to explore a...
  5. XXXpedition

    XXXpedition Greece

    as some of you might have noticed, we have a lot of stuff going on right now. we are trying to finish the truck before a big show in two weeks. we have to prep a presentation for the show too. AND right from the show we will leave for greece... and of course you will all be able to follow us...
  6. XXXpedition

    insect screens for your windows

    i have been asked a couple of times recently how i built the screens for the rear doors of my xj. here we go: the xj being really square helps a lot. i bought regular aluminum screen frames at home depot and the corner connectors and cut it to fit tight in the frame. on the bottom, top and front...
  7. XXXpedition

    Project XXX

  8. XXXpedition


    i have an old garmin gps III plus. the backlighting doesn't work anymore. anybody knows how to fix that? thx sven
  9. XXXpedition

    garmin 276c question

    hi everyone, well, i've asked the question about which gps you would buy a while back... now i've got the garmin 276c and a europe nt map. sounds good but i cannot load the map onto the gps. is it possible that i NEED a data card to add the map??? it looks that way because i always get a...
  10. XXXpedition

    Morocco XXXpedition

    Well, we are not really on the road yet, but for us the prep work is part of it even if you don't get to see any of it... :-))) Anyhow, today I have the time to get the Website up to speed and add links to make our updating easier and faster. Afterall there's enough work to be done on the road...
  11. XXXpedition

    stick shift boot

    i have installed a switch panel in front of the shifter. and the rubber boot turns off the switches in first and third gear. is there a replacement for the boot - maybe something flat with a shift pattern (sports car like) for my jk? any help appreciated. sven
  12. XXXpedition

    what gps???

    i know, i know, this subject has been discussed a few times, but being an electronic devise things change about every 3 days or so... i need to get a new gps! i want to use it for my expeditions (mainly) but also be able to load a road map of europe and find the way to the little oneway street...
  13. XXXpedition

    just have to share this...

  14. XXXpedition

    a trip around the world

    (too bad it's in german) one of the roads they take... there are some cool pics with funky 'expedition vehicles' :-) sven
  15. XXXpedition

    it shall start...

    well, i've been waiting a long time and i keep waiting, but a bit has arrived. here just a quick teaser... updates hopefully soon...
  16. XXXpedition

    JK spare tire

    Will the JK tail gate hold a 35" tire (weight)? If I build a rack that sits on the hinges, will the hinges and quarter panel hold the weight? (similar to the OR-FAB carrier see pic)
  17. XXXpedition

    JK dashboard center part

    i'd like to remove the part where the switches are... next to the emergency flasher button where the rubicon has the locker switches... anybody has removed that yet? can i just pull out this part or does the entire center have to come out? thanks sven
  18. XXXpedition

    theft control

    on my xj i had a switch on the fuel pump and such goodies... on the jk (crd) that is not (supposedly) possible anymore. the dealer said the computer would read an error message anytime the engine is started... too much electronic. what other (hidden) theft devices can you think of?
  19. XXXpedition

    jk grill inset

    i wanted to add a grill inset since the openings on a wrangler grill are huge... too much possibilities of damaging the radiator. so i researched the options. there's a company in germany who sells one for 77 euros(!!!) that's way cheaper than in the US where i found some around $300. still more...
  20. XXXpedition

    roofrack for a wrangler?

    as some of you might know,i've been doing some work n my xj but onlynow start on my jk. i'd like to have a roofrack and there are a few available BUT one thing that makes me wonder is the attachment of those racks... i have a bad feeling bolting a roofrack into the sheet metal and then put...