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    OZ tents and Thule Cargo boxes

    Just checking to see if anyone has tried or is carrying their OZ RV2 tent in a cargo carrier. My bag is trashed and looking for carrier. I have a rack on my truck and on my trailer. I could mount a cargo box to carry my tent to either for tent camping. Reading dimensions it's close. Just wanted...

    Ready Brute Elite Tow bar system w/ brakes

    I am no longer flat towing my Jeep so putting this out there. This system is maybe 2 yrs old and had very little use. Works as designed and probably one of the best and safest out there. Asking $700 but always up for trades too.

    SOLD!!!! 2000 Cherokee Sport

    Have a Tacoma now so no more need for this camping Jeep. Jeep has NO issues that I know of and 180 almost 181 thousand miles. I have repaired or replaced anything as it came up. AC and Heater both work fine. Cruise and radio system all good too. It has Rubicon Express 4.5 “short arm lift with RE...

    Charging with Blue Sea inline or not?

    Quick question for you gurus. I want to charge m battery off the 7 Pin trailer connector from Alternator and also the controller from my solar. I have installed a Blue Sea fuse box. I am running only a set of lights through the block right now. Can or should I run the Solar charging wires and...

    2nd Gen Tacoma 110 V inverter and refrigerator

    Looking for any experience with this issue. I have a new to me 2012 TRD Sport Tacoma. Have an impromptu camping trip coming up with friends next weekend. I'd like to show off my truck ;) I use an Edgestar Refrigerate in my Jeep and no issues yet. It has Sears Diehard Platinum battery. No...

    FS- 2nd generation Tacoma AirLift airbags

    Bought a new to me Tacoma TRD Sport 2012. Had the airbags installed and were removed for a better lift-kit. Previous owner had on for about 20K. I will not be using so for sale for $150 OBO or trade. It also had 2" leaf blocks like new $25 OBO or trade. They both have all hardware

    WTB- Just one kayak saddle

    I know I'm grasping at straws but thought I'd check. I have a 4 boat kayak trailer. It sits outside year round here in TX :(. One rack has Hully Rollers. The rollers are destroyed and have the infamous deterioration turning to sticky mess. I need to replace it with a saddle. I just need one...

    Grey Water use for dousing firepit?

    Just wonder the proper use and etiquette for using Grey Water? Is it improper to use Grey Water to ensure the fire is out and doused before leaving the area? My FWC has 20 gal of fresh water and never ran out but... I'd rather not use to ensure firepit is safe.

    Roof rack or hitch rack?

    Which is used or recommended? I need the little additional space so will get which is recommended. Just not enough room even with back seat in my What do you use?
  10. XJINTX

    12 Volt DC in my handmade trailer

    OK, I have what may be a stupid question. I have a MinnKota 220D dual battery charger I'm installing in my trailer. I also have 2 batteries I want hooked in parallel ( I think). Looking at schematics it's Positive to positive and negative to negative. The question is... my charger has two outlet...
  11. XJINTX

    WTB SPOT 3

    I currently still have my original SPOT and it's service. It's banged up and I'd like to replace. I assume if I do I can just activate my service on it. Anyone move away from Spot and have a Spot 3 for sale? Thanks in Advance.
  12. XJINTX

    $wheel Camper access steps?

    Sorry for new post but I found no good results with my limited search abilities :( I was informed yesterday my Hawk would be delivered two weeks early :) and I can't wait... meets a deadline I have for already trip I had planned and thought I'd be tenting. I've seen pictures of setups and it...
  13. XJINTX

    Searched but no luck for Recommended Load Range E tires.

    I am getting a new HAWK slide-in for my F250. Before getting I think I'll replace my current tires. I currently have BF Goodrich AT's with about 25-30 K on them my rims are 20". I have had no issues with theses tires and plan on replacing with the same just newer model. Want to be able to hit...
  14. XJINTX

    WTB buy Flippac

    Looking for a flippac for my f250 shortbed. Already have an off road trailer but recently traveled to Expo in my super-duty and used my OZ tent. Would really like an easier option when traveling in my truck. Recently sold my 5th wheel so now I can add a Flippac or shell. Located in TX but will...
  15. XJINTX

    Current draw on Cobra CPI- 1575

    Probably a dumb question but?? I am adding this inverter to my homemade expo trailer. I have dual battery setup with a Minn-Kota battery charger setup. In reading about the inverter I see it has, as an option, a remote on/off switch that can be mounted outside away from the inverter location. I...
  16. XJINTX

    Shock absorber needed for batteries?

    I searched but to no avail but i'm not the greatest at searching. I have a "homemade" expo type trailer and I am getting it ready for a trip. Not sure if from battery acid or not but I lost my absorbers. I actually just had 4 each like 1/2 rubber ball pieces under each battery in the tray...
  17. XJINTX

    HEMA app from Australia... is there such a thing in USA

    Just checking for input from our vast online experienced overlanders. Is there an app like this for travels in USA I have and use BackCountry Maps but I really like this idea!!!
  18. XJINTX

    not an expo trailer but car hauler question?

    Moderators please move if posted in wrong area. I have a jeep that I haul to the off road parks not the jeep I use for camping and hauling my off-road trailer an off road rig. My question is... on this site and others I see pics of people hauling vehicles on their trailers and it looks like...
  19. XJINTX

    SOLD (2) adapter / spacers 5x 4.5 to 6 x5.5

    SOLD and shipped sorry for lack of responses to everyone that asked i was on vacation and tried to keep up :( OK my offroad trailer came with these spacers/adapters. He drove a Toyota FJ and wanted matching wheels on trailer. Well I drive an XJ so I'm putting it back to 5 x 4.5 so I have...
  20. XJINTX

    First Gen wheels

    Hey Nissan buds ;) I owned two first gen Xterras and if I remember correct the wheel bolt patterns were 6 x 5.5 is that correct? What I am looking for is replacement 15" rims for my off raod trailer. Currently it has steel Toyota rims. The issue is the hubs... the rim needs a min 3" center to...