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  1. AFBronco235

    iPad 2 with GPS questions:

    Our ipad is only 16GB. I was hoping someone could point me towards an app that would let me plug it into an external drive and access maps that way if possible.
  2. AFBronco235

    iPad 2 with GPS questions:

    My wife's old iPad has been sitting on a shelf for a few years now (literally) and we decided to go ahead and see what we can do with it. I had to do a factory reset but got it running again. We decided to try getting it setup as a GPS unit for my Bronco My question is, what map apps would allow...
  3. AFBronco235

    The watch (timepiece) thread

    Just got done reading through this whole thread and thought it needed revived. I've always relied on the cheapest Casio I can find, mainly because I'm so abusive to watches. I haven't worn a watch sine I left the USAF two years ago, but since I'm about to finish my college degree, I thought its...
  4. AFBronco235

    Stock Vehicles in the Wild ???

    When it comes to stock vs modified, it really does come down to how you use it. I would take my Bronco out on trails when it was still stock and give all the modified jeepers a run for their money. In fact, the only modifications I've really made performance wise would be a 2 inch lift and that...
  5. AFBronco235

    One Spice?

    Dominant One. Its a locally made spice mix from my home county. They only make a few batches a year, but it can work well on anything. Beef, pork, fish, poultry, its good on it all. Also great for any kind of bland food you can come up with.
  6. AFBronco235

    Stranded and solutions? What would have helped?

    I had a similar experience myself on Friday. My girlfriend and I were trying to move from Oklahoma to Indiana using my 91' Bronco to tow a 6x12 uhaul trailer. About halfway through Missouri, the engine starts missing and backfiring. We pull off the interstate and into a parking lot to check it...
  7. AFBronco235

    I'm tired of crappy Sun Showers....any good ones out there?

    Any place that sells bug sprayers should also sell replacement parts, such as the pump and spray handles. If you're looking for something along the lines of a sink sprayer, then look in the sink aisle at your local hardware store. Actually, go to your preferred hardware store and tell them what...
  8. AFBronco235

    I'm tired of crappy Sun Showers....any good ones out there?

    I was gonna say a blacked out bug sprayer works best, but someone beat me to it. If you want more liquid, switch to a blacked our 5 gal bucket with a vented lid. (ie. a lid that has holes for a hand pump) Take a chem sprayer hand pump and add that to the bucket, along with your choice of hand...
  9. AFBronco235

    '86 Samurai Micro Expedition Rig

    VERY NICE! I've been looking for a similar project for my girlfriends DD. She wants a small 4X4 for her own, preferably one with better gas mileage.
  10. AFBronco235

    Cistern as a camper body?

    I meant the plastic is VERY good insulation in itself. As I said, ventilation will be your biggest issue. For heat, I'd recommend just using a heat lamp cause you're not going to loose a lot through that thick plastic. That way, you don't have to worry about venting gasses from a propane heater...
  11. AFBronco235

    Cistern as a camper body?

    Those tanks are UV resistant and in fact, the same plastic is used for making "mini barns" for smaller livestock housing. VERY tough stuff. You can get decades of use out of one. Very well insulated as well making them warm in winter and you won't have to do much for insulation. Just make sure...
  12. AFBronco235

    1994 Ford Explorer Build

    The TTB is JUST AS STRONG as a solid front axle. In some ways, even stronger. While I drive a bronco, it also uses the TTB and you hear stories all the time of guys jumping crazy heights and landing without problems. So long as you change out the bushings, a TTB is just as strong as IFS system...
  13. AFBronco235

    Advice from the maintenance and repair experts, please

    I agree a simple fluid change, and NOT a flush is all you need. (A flush is actually less affective because it leaves a LOT of deposits behind. If possible, drop the pan and wipe it out. I would also recommend you install an oil cooler if it does not already have one. I don't know much about...
  14. AFBronco235

    Overhead consoles - anyone?

    Here is my little project 90% finished. Just need to wire it. Its a switch panel for my aux switches and a nice little place to stick my sunglasses where they won't go flying. I designed it in google sketchup to fit on my visor shelf. Its made of 4 pieces of ABS plastic I had printed up on a 3D...
  15. AFBronco235

    Show me your "Adult" rigs and how you keep them running.

    Got my latest project in today! Its a roof mounted console to hold my light switches and a pair of sun glasses. Hey, you can't be cruising without those! I designed it myself to fit the visor shelf but had to have it made in 4 pieces and then screwed together. It came out PERFECT! I was afraid...
  16. AFBronco235

    The Reality of Handling Trailers in the Back Woods

    You mentioned that the roads were extremely rutted. I still don't think it would be that bad. Like I said, you have to use your head and some common sense. To give you a better solution, I'd have to know the exact makeup of your tow vehicle and your trailer. What kinds of trail blocks are you...
  17. AFBronco235

    The Reality of Handling Trailers in the Back Woods

    Back on topic. Its not THAT hard to back up a trailer on a trail. You just have to pay attention to what the trailer is doing as your backing up. Having a spotter is good too. Anyways, if you can get into a trail, you can back out of it with a trailer. You would only have to turn around if you...
  18. AFBronco235

    Help me spend $75 or less on Amazon

    I'm assuming you got some cash back from that Apple books lawsuit? I got $150 to spend. :D I recommend a digital copy of your rigs factory manual. The one the professional mechanics get at the dealership for dealer use. I have one for my Bronco and I use it constantly. If you can find hardcopy...
  19. AFBronco235

    Bonding aluminum sheets on steel frame for expedition truck body

    As someone who's worked on aircraft, I'd recommend using a mechanical fastener in addition to the adhesive. Especially at the corners of the aluminum sheets. Beveled screws with dimple washers or rivets at those points will help keep the skin from peeling over time from simple things such as...
  20. AFBronco235

    No Politics: This Is Why Electric Vehicles Won't Work In The Long Run

    Honestly, this argument sounds remarkably similar to the problems with getting gas from gas stations during the early 1900's. Look how that turned out. And I think you're math is a tad off. Even the most efficient internal combustion engine is only 8% efficient, which means you're math is...