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    Got some constant squeaking going on. Best guess is that its coming from where the cab sits in the cradles and is locked down. Anyone else have this problem and know the solution. Looking at the hooks in the center of the cradles, the left one clearly had a shining part on top where it is...
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    Tilting the cab

    I know that this may make me look like an idiot, but I’m counting on the fact I may not fall far outside the norm. Before tilting your cab, open both doors. The difference is night and day. I’ve owned mine for 12 yrs and didn’t know this. I even increased the torsion in the lifting mechanism...
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    Ventilating a cassette toilet

    Seems like a decent system. Boaters know about ventilating holding tanks to keep more aerobic bacteria than anaerobic bacteria so that odor is minimized.
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    Crew cab USA question

    A Fuso dealer mechanic from California posted on the Canter 4x4 Facebook page that he worked on a dual cab Earthcruiser which had an L6 v8 gasoline engine replaced due to oil pump failure. I was unaware that dual cab FG’s were available in the USA. Did Fuso start selling them in the last few years?
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    Some history
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    Fantastic fan/electrical question

    Fantastic fan/ electrical question: our fantastic fan is controlled by a rotating thermostatic switch attached to the rain sensor circuit board with three pins. The connection in that switch is intermittent. Anybody know how I could tap into those three pins, bypassing the thermostat with an...
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    Dickinson P9000 or P12000--reviews?

    Anyone use one in a pop up truck camper in cold weather, say around 10 degrees? Was it adequate?
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    Roof repair instructions--how to deal with the torsion bars/lift system.

    Here are some roof repair instructions from the pop up camper Facebook page by Rory Willett of Northstar who has a lot of experience in fixing pop up roofs: To repair the rear backboard, leaving the roof mounted to the camper, the first thing to do is raise the roof and remove the tension of the...
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    Heaters: Comparative data

    Having recently installed a Camco Wave 3, purchased a dual remote thermometer to monitor the fridge, and having a frigid cold front come through while the camper is parked outside the house so I could do some work on it, the conditions were ripe to test a couple of different heating options...
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    4d34 PCV system

    99 FG. Am I correct in my observation that the 4d34 in my 99FG lacks a PCV system and is simply vented to atmosphere as if we still lived in 1963? All I'm seeing is a tube coming from the back left side of valve cover terminating beside the starter. I assume this means there was a loophole...
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    99fg window crank

    Anybody replaced one. Mine seems stripped. Service manual has details on windshield and back window but zero on door windows
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    99 FG turbo rebuild or replace

    I’m getting some puffs of blue exhaust smoke under some conditions and I suspect my turbo oil seals are bad (225k miles). Has anyone rebuilt or replaced the turbo in a 4d34 and have any advice. I haven’t pulled the hoses yet to check for oil residue as we just got back from a trip.
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    Driving habits on steep highway inclines

    I live in Denver. Westbound on I-70 there are two 11000+ ft passes. Grade is slightly steeper eastbound than westbound. Westbound I can climb to the top in our 99FG in 4th gear (we're around 12klbs) Eastbound, the grades are just steeper enough that in 4th gear I start slowing down. I might...
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    99 FG odd increase in power

    Owned it 11 years so I'm pretty familiar it's feel. Drove from Denver to Valentine NE last weekend. Felt to me like I had about a 10% increase in power. Held it's speed much better on the hills. Didn't have to shift down at all going through the Sand Hills. I might have thought I was just...
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    Cassette toilet question/Observation

    We have a Northstar TS 1000 with the tanked toilet system and a couple of boats with porta pottis. I have assumed that a cassette toilet was superior since it didn't require a dump station to empty and was easier to access the tank than a traditional porta potti. However. . . We did an...
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    Fuso scanner

    Has anyone tried one of these? Drop down menu says it reads back to 2005 models but text says back to 1997.
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    99FG Engine Control Warning Lamp

    Parked the FG at a trailhead at 11,500 ft this morning. After hiking, and having driven about 200ft down the forest service road I notice the Engine Control Warning Lamp was illuminated orange. Never happened before in 11 yrs of ownership. Manual says it indicates a fault in the electornic...
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    99Fuso FG. AC fan

    Periodically the AC fan screams like a slipping fan belt. Turn it off for a while and it usually resolves. Anybody have any idea of what the problem is and a fix.
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    New windshield?

    Picked the FG from the storage lot today and windshield has multiple cracks with no obvious cause. Anybody had particularly good luck with a company which replaces FG windshields in the US or Denver?
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    Costway Fridge

    I posted this in the Edgestar thread but I thought I'd start a separate thread since Costway now seems to be one of the least expensive fridges out there. It appears to be a generically branded Smittybilt fridge since the Smittybilt transit bag fits it perfectly...